Physics Formulae giving you sleepless nights? Here are NEET Physics Preparation Tips

Physics Preparation Tips

Physics, one of the most difficult subjects to conquer, is known to give sleepless nights to students gearing up for one of countries toughest medical entrance exams – NEET. This exam has three different segments- Physics, Chemistry & Biology. The difficulty quotient of all the sections is high, as this exam is designed to discover some of the sharpest minds of the country. However, Physics has been increasing the stress levels of the students because of the inherent complexity of many concepts.

As, Physics is a tough combination of theories and mathematical questions, therefore it becomes equally important to focus on both to crack this section. The correct application of formulations and derivatives makes Physics a tough nut to crack. However, the adept physics faculty and exceptional study material, like those offered by the reputed Aakash Institute, help in grasping the trickiest Physics’ principles smoothly.

Aakash institute is a trusted name in the area of NEET coaching and provides you with the right guidance to crack the competitive exams.

Besides enrolling with a good NEET coaching institute, these tips can also help you to solve the tough Physics questions.


Kinematics is a major Physics chapter. The understanding of twin concepts; Velocity and Acceleration is central to mastering Kinematics. Also, get proper understanding of Vectors and Calculus to get a good grasp of the topic. Learning the difference between position and displacement will help you go a long way in solving many questions. Avoid an approach that’s too mathematical.

Try and relate the problems to real life scenarios. Taking the help of diagrams is a good idea to get a thorough insight of the subject.

Laws of Motion

Physics is the observation of real life phenomena. So, just mugging up chapters doesn’t help. The key lies in understanding the application of concepts. Try visualizing the problems before jumping on to solve them. Make illustrations and then approach the problems related to the laws of motion.

The concepts and principles like Newton’s second law of motion, relative motion, direction of friction and its magnitude and gravitational force, should be studied to gain excellent results in this section.

Work, Energy, and Power

This is a tricky chapter, but understanding this chapter can help you solve several questions of mechanics. Study Newton’s law of motions, conservative and non-conservative forces to master this unit. Focus on the theorems and take mock tests to excel in the subject. The ideal way to deal with the problem of work power and energy is to define a system and then identify all the forces in the system and energy coming in and going out.


While many find the unit of Thermodynamics a cake walk, others may find it quite complex. Undoubtedly it is a significant Physics chapter. So, understand topics like Joules Law, Zeroth Law and first Law of Thermodynamics to succeed. Kinetic theory of gasses should be studied thoroughly too.

Also, the sub topic; Carnot cycle and the principle of calorimeter are equally important. Make extensive notes or utilize the rich study material from a reputed coaching institute like Aakash to get a sound understanding of the topic.

Oscillations & Waves

This chapter might turn worrisome for many. But as you dig deep into the basics, you will easily get a hang of it. Numerical related to Doppler Effect and pipes should be the key focus. The significance of the concepts ‘in phase’ and ‘out of phase’ in answering questions should not be forgotten. Use charts and diagrams to key into the problems of the unit. Once you gain sound understanding of the theory, approach the numerical to apply the concepts. Practicing more and more is the key to mastering the chapter.

Listed above are just few topics and subtopics that can be learnt thoroughly to master the physics portion. However, problems related to motion, finding torque, orbital velocity, Universal law of Gravitation, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism, Electrostatics and Current Electricity are to be understood in depth to get full confidence while attempting the exam.

As Physics is all about learning and understanding the basis, therefore, it is very important to understand every principle and its application to solve all sorts of questions. Reading the problems carefully and solving them after deliberation helps to get bang-on results. One can easily do away with the stress of Physics with effective learning.

It is to be noted that a good coaching institute ensures effective learning. At Aakash, you will certainly not be disappointed, given the extensive resources the institution possesses. The separate doubt clearing sessions ensure excellent preparation and meritorious results. While excellent planning and dedication are the key to master Physics, a reputed coaching institute can nurture you to get a smooth understanding of the subject. Aakash coaching institute gives you just that.

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