Multitasking – A Very Modern Skill {Infographic}

Multitasking - A Very Modern Skill

21st century lifestyles require some particularly 21st century superpowers: and not least of these is the ability to multitask. While folk have always aspired to ‘wear more than one hat’ or to ‘juggle responsibilities’, most of our jobs these days make this skill mandatory. It’s great to streamline from time to time, and concentrate on just one task for a while – some assignments even require it – but most days, most of us will have to use a variety of software types, speak to a range of different people and chip away at a big list of different tasks. So what can you do to becoming a multitasking master?

In the first place, you need to identify when it is, indeed, appropriate to multitask – and when you should delegate. If you’re attempting something totally new, it’s good to put your other work to the side if you can and concentrate on mastering the new skill. That way, before long you will be good enough at it that you can slide it right into your multitasking schedule and still achieve it to a high standard.

If you have simply too many deadlines to hit, then multitasking likewise becomes inadvisable. You need to either do everything to a lower standard – or delegate. Prioritize your work, and find someone you can trust to take over some aspects of the workload. Working together can be a great way to bring fresh perspective to an assignment.

And when it is just you alone, try grouping similar tasks together. That way, your brain doesn’t have to make too big a switch when you hop from one job to another. Also, solutions that you may find working on one task can shine a new light on problems that you’re having with a similar job. If you’re struggling with one assignment, try switching to the other one for a while instead of becoming frustrated or procrastinating. But don’t forget to take plenty of breaks. Breaks are a good opportunity to let your mind and body recharge, and to return to each of your tasks anew – without getting burnt out.

This new infographic provides a full guide to multitasking for the modern worker with a bit more ambition than the rest. With handy tips on what you should be doing, how you should be doing it, and why, it simplifies the issue of multitasking so you can concentrate on just getting the work done.

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