How to Improve Productivity and Reduce Stress as a Remote Worker

How to Improve Productivity and Reduce Stress as a Remote Worker

Remote workers can produce more than their office-based counterparts, a fact that helps explain why their ranks continue to swell. Businesses that embrace the new employment model use it to become more competitive and profitable than they ever could be with a traditional on-premises staff. As a result, your success as a remote worker depends on your ability to maintain high levels of productivity. 

You already know that you can only meet the challenges of working remotely by exercising self-discipline and remaining focused on your tasks. You probably also understand the pressure that drives you to maintain a high level of performance to meet the expectations of your employers or clients. Although some job-related stress can help you, too much stress can become counterproductive and keep you from reaching your goals. Use the following tips to counter the effects of stress while improving your productivity and increasing your value. 

Find a Place to Work

Commuters rise early, go to work and return home late in the day, often after spending hours sitting in traffic. Remote work eliminates much of that stress, giving you a chance to reclaim a substantial part of your life. Still, working in the same place all the time can cause you to lose your edge. Occasionally, change your environment by finding an alternative place to work. 

Coffee shops, libraries and parks offer you a change of scenery that can stimulate your mind and give you a fresh perspective. You can also try other places in your home such as a porch or seat by a window to disrupt a monotonous work day. 

Design Your Routines

Rituals such as sorting laundry, putting out the trash and making your bed can infuse rhythm into your day and give you early victories that can set your day of a productive course. Try enjoying fresh air with your coffee or a tall glass of water. Similarly, you can keep fruits and nuts on hand for snacking. Find ways to create routines that help you and your body feel vibrant and you will have a framework on which to build a productive and rewarding career as a remote worker. 

Get Up!

A sedentary lifestyle can result in physical and mental stress that can threaten your productivity and your well-being. Force yourself to take scheduled breaks to rest your eyes and refresh your body. Something as simple as staring out the window can relieve your eyes of stress and restore your mental focus. 

While working at home, spend some of your break time doing housework and stretching to keep your body loose and your mind free. You might discover that, during breaks, you come up with new ideas that solve problems and increase your productivity. Try other tactics such as reorganizing your office until you find ways to successfully minimize physical and mental stress.

Dress Up!

You would never report to an employer’s office wearing pajamas, so get dressed for work every day before reporting to work in your home office. You have a job to do that requires that you look, feel and act professional, so spend the necessary time to dress in appropriate attire. Failure to do so can add to your stress and cause you to have a lackadaisical attitude toward your work. 

Give Technology a Rest

Put your phone out of reach and set it on mute as you tackle your work. If you don’t, distracting phone calls, text messages and emails from relatives and friends can derail your focus and ruin your productivity. Train everyone in your personal life to respect the fact that working from home is just as serious a matter as working at a company’s headquarters. 

Ambient Sounds and Natural Lighting

Natural light can help you avoid the headaches and stress that, too often, slow your pace. Try adjusting the lighting in your workspace to minimize the amount of stress your eyes experience as you work. You should also try stimulating other senses such as your hearing. Sounds of a fireplace and other types of sounds can contribute to your motivation and help you get your work done in time. 

Be Open and Direct

Reduce the amount of work-related stress that you experience by engaging in open and honest communications. Rather than pouting about your work or the way that other people speak to you, communicate with your peers in a way that is open and direct. Ask questions, voice your concerns and get the information that you need to complete your work and achieve your goals. 

Go Out and Have Real Human Experiences

Remote workers do not enjoy the social aspects of traditional work settings. You don’t get to chat in the break room or around the water cooler because you work from home. Such isolation can cause stress in your life, so make sure you maintain healthy relationships with your friends and family members. You need social interaction to stay healthy and productive, even if you feel satisfied with your job. 

Recharge for the Next Day

Remote workers often work longer hours than their peers who work in traditional office settings. Create boundaries between your work area and the rest of your home, so you can enjoy “going home” after work. Similarly, protect your personal time by minimizing the amount of work you do after hours to give yourself enough rest to maintain your health and your productivity. At the end of your workday, leave your computer and paperwork behind so you can enjoy your life. 

Despite the advantages that you enjoy as a remote worker, you can suffer from stress-related problems that can cripple your life and career. Infuse your work routine with a variety of places from which to work and stay active throughout the day. Also, use open communications to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings and maintain social connections with other people. By using the above tips, you can enjoy your life and your work without letting stress get in the way.

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