Get Secured – 6 Strategies to Create Strong Passwords

Get Secured - 6 Strategies to Create Strong Passwords

Most of the thing in this world is related to numbers, books have their own ISBNs, products have barcodes, and cars have VINs and social security numbers which people have. Social security number refers to one person only, Guid stands for globally unique identifier.

Guid generator online creates unique and gigantic ID numbers for people. Today in this article we will discuss the strategies of creating strong passwords. Strong passwords are necessary to keep your account secure, but sometimes we create strong passwords and forget them, this is the measure problem.  

So, in the effort to not forget them users prefers to create simple passwords based on their family, or personal information like birthday, name or phone numbers. It is easy for hackers to discover you personal and basic information, so don’t use them.

It is easy to create strong and potential passwords that are easy to remember, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Avoid using Personal Information: Using the personal information to generate password is not advisable. Personal information is easy to discover, it is easy to guess out your birth date, family names, last name and childbirths date and other details related to you. It became easy to crack these types of passwords so avoid using your personal information.
  2. Avoid using Real Words:  Lots of tools are there which helps hackers to guess your password. The dictionary has each and every word so it doesn’t take too long to guess any word. So, if you use the real word as your password try to avoid it, use words which are hard to guess.
  3. Use Mix characters:  Real words are easy to guess so use the mixture of characters. To create a strong password you can use different characters like uppercase, lowercase, special characters or symbols, and numbers. It became hard to guess the multiple characters and your password will be more secure.
  4. Use short form of words: For example:

See you later (CUL8TR)

Talk to you later (TLK2UL8TR)

Love to accelerate (LV2XLR8)

These passwords are hard to guess and easy to remember.

  1. Use a Passphrase: Instead of using a strong word available in the dictionary you can also opt passphrase as your password. The lyrics of the songs or poem that you like can be used to create a strong to guess a password. Use the first letter of each word from your favourite song or poem and use those words as a password. So, use the passphrase to generate the strong password.
  2. Easy to type passwords: Use passwords that can be typed easily without a look to a keyboard. This makes harder for someone to steal your password this is known as shoulder surfing or lurking.

Moreover, these are some tips by Guid generator online to create strong passwords which are easy to remember and hard to guess but along with these tips, one have to take care that it is necessary to use different passwords and change them with the passage of time.

Do not you same password every time at least for a year and it would be great if you change your password at least every 30-60 days.

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