Free Apps for Daily Living on Your Android Phone

Free Apps for Daily Living on Your Android Phone

Most of us carry our smartphones on us all day long, and we use them for far more than keeping in touch. There are some fantastic apps available for Android devices that can help you out as you go about your daily life—and some of the best are completely free.

Here is a small selection of the best free apps that you should definitely download to your smartphone if you have not yet done so.

Google Keep

If you are constantly thinking of important things to write down during the day, Google Keep can be a great help.

This is a simple note-taking app that is ideal for taking down quick notes wherever you are. It’s fast, it’s easy to access your notes, and you can also use the widget. Your notes will also be synced between your devices so you can access them from anywhere.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps for Android. This free messaging app can be used to send text, voice, image, and video messages completely free to users all over the world. You can also have group chats, and all messages are encrypted

Weather Live Free

It’s always useful knowing what the weather has in store for you, whether you want to find out what to wear to work, or you need to decide what to take on your next trip.

This useful weather app by Apalon Apps provides accurate forecasts all over the world, and it also has a great little widget for at-a-glance forecasts.

Android Pay

Who needs cash anymore? If you’ve got Android Pay, you can make purchases using your phone. The app is free to use, and it can take a lot of the hassle out of shopping. All you have to do is tap your phone in the store, and you can forget about getting out your cash.


If you like to keep up to date with various news sources, Feedly is the app for you. The free version allows you to follow a good selection of your favorite blogs and news sources so you can keep up with all the latest information wherever you are.


If you regularly find yourself forgetting your passwords for your various internet accounts, or you don’t think your passwords are secure enough, LastPass is a very useful app.

You can keep all of your passwords securely on your device where you can access them from anywhere. You can even create secure notes too. It will sync with your other devices, even with the free version, and you can also use it to generate more secure passwords so you can stay safer online.

Try These Free Apps Today

These are some of the best free apps that you can download to your Android smartphone, and they can all make a big difference to your daily life through the excellent functions they provide. If you don’t have any of these apps yet, make sure you download them today and start getting more from your phone.

Liam Wyatt uses his smartphone to organize his life, from alarm clocks to To Do lists and exercise, his life is inside that small device and he would be lost without it!

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