Dating in the Digital Age {Infographic}

Dating in the Digital Age {Infographic}

Look around and you’ll soon realize that kids these days couple up differently. The Internet has changed nearly everything about how we meet people, fall in love, and get married. Thanks to dating websites and apps, men and women can connect with people who share their interests and beliefs all over the world in just a few clicks. With so many fish in the sea, your odds of finding the one are going way up!

But just like any other advancement in history, the changes to our dating lives have both advocates and detractors. While the increase in social networking through sites like Facebook indicate that we all have thousands of friends, some people (like social development coach Anthony Recenello) think that “[the] ability to just be there present with another person is the thing that people are losing.” His beliefs extend into the dating realm, too – despite the fact that 59% of Americans think that the Internet is a find place to meet your other half.

So, who has it right? Has the Internet taken away our ability to connect “IRL” (in real life)? Or is it simply another tool we can use to find true love? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are a few pros and cons of dating in the digital age:

The Internet Attraction

As we mentioned earlier (and as your friends always say after a breakup), there are plenty of fish in the sea. Online dating makes your sea drastically bigger! This gives you the opportunity to meet many more people, helping you to discover what precisely you want in a relationship.

The more you understand about yourself, the more successful your relationship will be; in fact, a Pew report from 2014 showed that couples who met online had a lower divorce rate than couples who met offline. It turns out that the Internet just might help you make a lasting connection.

Face-To-Face Feelings

According to some research, looking for love the old fashioned why may actually yield greater results. Another Pew research poll discovered that 33% of people who date online never actually go out with anyone! Taking a risk in the real world may be scary, but it’s also a chance a scoring a date.

Meeting people in the real world can also be simpler. On a date, you can learn a lot about a person by their tone, body language, and attitude. Online, however, all you have is the words they write, and that can lead to more than a few misunderstandings. And, of course, a physical connection is a very important part of a romantic relationship – something that requires some real time together.

Whether the Internet has changed dating for better or worse really depends on how you use it. As long as you’re seeking out a relationship that makes you happy and a person who treats you well, we say you’re doing great!

In what other ways has the Internet changed the dating world? Check out this infographic to see:

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