The Blogger’s Guide to Selecting the Right Niche

The Blogger's Guide to Selecting the Right Niche

The career of the blogger does not happen in a minute. To become a successful blogger, you need to master the profession of a copywriter, SMM manager, marketing manager, photographer, and web developer.

You need to understand how the processes happen, and to be able to complete some of these processes, for example, to write an interesting post and take a couple of great pictures, and inform your readers about a new post on Facebook. You need to keep everything under your control.

However, all these processes are necessary when you have already made a decision concerning the niche of your blog. A blog without a niche is just like a diary. It is difficult to promote such blog as well as to find the audience that will be interested in it.

Modern Internet users know exactly what they want to find online, and they will never read a blog with the posts about everything. The niche should be clearly determined. In fact, the chosen niche is the thing that will become a guideline for your following development of the blog.

But let us start with the very beginning to understand the importance of choosing the niche and analyzing how it may influence your blogging success.

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What is a niche?

First of all, let us define what a niche is and why it is so important for a blogger to have it. A niche is the general topic of your blog that will unite all your posts and will help you to join the community of this niche and some related niches.

There are many possible variants of niches starting from the fashion and travels and up to food and drinks. You can write about music, handmade, your studying, your majors, or even about your occupation (for example, you can create a marketing blog and reveal marketing tips and tricks to your readers).

Choosing a niche: follow your passion

The easiest way to select a niche for your blog is to follow your passion. Do you like to cook and prepare some new and exquisite dishes all the time? You need to show that to the world! If you travel a lot and know all secrets of how to buy the cheapest tickets and where to stay to save money, you may become a travel blogger.

If you just travel a lot and make adorable pictures, you can also become a travel blogger and share your experience from another perspective! The variants for your niche are multiple. Here, everything depends on what exactly inspires you.

Of course, sometimes it happens that a person does not have some passions, but still wants to become a blogger. In this case, we would recommend to participate in different challenges and post the results of these challenges.

Finding a profitable niche

Another point that you need to consider while choosing a niche for your blog is how much money you can earn with it. Let us be honest, blogging can become quite a profitable occupation, and it would be a mistake to miss such a chance to increase your income. So when you choose your niche, consider this question.

There are highly competitive fields like fashion, food, and travels, and it will be quite difficult to become one of the heroes of these niches. However, there are less competitive fields. For example, you may choose some certain fashion styles or write about shoes or accessories. You can also write about car repair if you have a good competence in this field.

Pay attention that your blog as any kind of a business requires some investments. You need to create a beautiful website and to invest some money into its promotion. Moreover, the niche as well needs some money. At least you need to buy a good camera or to hire a photograph who will make beautiful pictures for you. The quality of the images that you insert into your post may be the decisive factor for your visitors.

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Check the audience

The audience of your niche also is very important. For example, you have decided to create a marketing blog where you will tell all secrets of successful marketing strategies. Now you need to understand to what audience you are going to send your message. If you want to write for professionals, your information should be full of details, really unique tricks and tips, insights, investigations and researches.

If your audience is those who just want to get some marketing information explained, you do not need to write long and complicated articles. You just need to present some basic information in the clear and simple language so that anyone can understand what is a lead generation, ROI and conversion. Your niche will depend on the audience with which you are going to communicate, so keep that in mind.

Join the community

Being a blogger never means to stay from the community. It means to be a part of a community. In fact, this is the best marketing strategy and the best way to introduce your vision of the niche into the world. Of course, you need to join the community of your niche.

The good idea will be to join communities of the similar niches. For example, if you want to become a fashion blogger, you can join the community of make-up artists and designers. Also, follow popular bloggers and try to become an active follower – write comments, ask questions and communicate with other people. That will help you become noticed.

Of course, it is always better to choose a niche that is interesting for you and can bring you profits. If you have experience in leading conversations and building communication line with a certain type of audience, you can also implement that in finding the niche audience for your blog.

The combination of these 4 ideas will help you decide on what niche will be the best for you. Perhaps, joining a community you will understand that the chosen niche is not so interesting for you. So before you make a final choice, take some time for experiments! They are extremely important for your blogging career.

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