Android TV BOX – Top 5 Features You Must Know

Android TV BOX - Top 5 Features You Must Know

Android TV is an incredible advancement in TV platform introduced by Google on June 25, 2014 and it is what as reflecting from its name, Android TV works on the same software pattern as Android software commonly found in Android phones but now is also switched to the TV streaming devices.

This incredibly designed TV enables you avail the amazing Android features as along with the streaming of TV shows and movies, you can enjoy playing video games, streaming apps and much more.

Android TV facilitates user particularly containing three sections vertically which include recommendations update regarding viewing habits on top, social apps in the middle and gaming on the bottom.

The world known TV manufacturer companies like Sony, Sharp and others have compiled Android TV into their smart TVs so now you will be able to enjoy your regular TV along with the Android features so you don’t  even require to purchase separate streaming boxes as (ITVBoxes etc) to enjoy the service.

Discussing the top five features of Android TV here:


The most amazing feature of Android TV is the Google search engine that facilitates you in the way providing suggestions for content based keywords so you can find your related searches comfortably and can explore your world to attain the heights and also we know it even provides you a way to make your search by using your voice instead of typing.


Android TV makes you enjoy featured media streaming apps and if you have apps like Netflix, Prime instant video, Blinkbox installed in your Android TV , then making any search as” films Kate Winslet”, Android TV would then look for all possible outcomes to find what’s available.


The screen casting feature of Android TV enables you cast sports, movies, music, TV shows, games and more from your Android, Windows or Chrome book to TV and you only need to tap the cast button of your cell phone app to begin playing on your TV and in this way you can find this screen casting feature useful and enjoyable.

Thousands of Chrome cast enabled apps are now available for users like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Youtube music, and many more.


So you can enjoy Android gaming on Android TV which is one of the amazing features of Android TV. You can play as a single player and can even enjoy multi player gaming so that you can also make your circle to join you at your game.

GTA, Star Wars KOTOR, Inferno 2, Duck Tales Remastered, etc are some of the best games for Android TV.


Kodi is a media player software works on different operating systems as Windows, macOS, Apple TV OS, Android, etc  which enables the users to access the most streaming media, such as music, videos, and also videos from internet or from any storage device so that Android TV makes you avail this incredibly designed software application created by XBMC foundation.

Android TV being amazingly featured catching the attention worldwide and now different known companies introducing their TV sets as Android TV so that you can avail different and more advanced versions of Android TV and can visualize your imaginations in a more convenient and fascinating way.

Sony Android TV, Samsung: Smart Hub and Tizen OS, Panasonic Firefox OS, etc are worldwide known manufacturers of smart TV platforms.

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