How to Achieve That Oh-So-Delicate Feminine Look

How to Achieve That Oh-So-Delicate Feminine Look

Blame it on the feminist movement or the pursuit of something new stylistically but over the years women have borrowed a lot from men’s fashion. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a very good look, whether you are simply throwing on a boyfriend jacket or going for the full androgynous look.

However, there are times when a lady needs to bring out her feminine side (apart from during weddings and proms). It would appear that the feminine look is synonymous with spending countless hours and lots of cash in order to achieve the look. Well, that is not entirely true, and we are going to prove it to you.

All you need is a few choice items and voila, you have your feminine look.

  • Bows

Em… no, not bow ties but bows for your hair. Now before you go thinking that this is only for children, think again. Present-day celebrities are rocking the pretty little bow in their hair and looking just perfect. If you are not sure on how to tie one, you can get them pre-tied and just put them on.

  • Delicate jewelry

I know this is contrary to the present trend of bold, statement jewelry but the subtly of dainty jewelry creates that delicate feminine look and allure effortlessly. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Form-fitting clothes

Nothing says femininity like the female body itself. The curves are inherently female so getting clothes that accentuate them creates a perfectly feminine look. Now, let me put a disclaimer here. We are not saying that you wear a cat suit here, just get clothes that create some waist definition and flatter your curves and you will be good to go. These are available affordably at wholesale stores so you do not have to break the bank.

  • Ruffles and frills

Now, these are simply girly and granted they can end up in ways that are less than flattering but stay with me here. Tastefully done ruffles and frills on a top or a blouse can help you achieve the feminine look without much more effort.

  • Lace

If ever there were a definition of femininity in a fabric then it would be lace. It is beautiful, timeless, classic and versatile all the while screaming delicate femininity. You can mix lace patterns on a top, get a lace dress or put some lace accents to your ensemble and you are sure to look beautifully feminine.

  • Belts

Again, the shape of a woman is what creates a truly effortless feminine look and one way to accentuate that shape is simply to put on a belt. By placing a belt at your natural waist, you create a curvy, flattering silhouette that says, ‘I’m every woman…’ and it is all so simple, right?

  • Waist-cinching coat

Again with creating the feminine shape… these long or medium length coats when cinched at the waist have a way of keeping you warm and oozing all kinds of femininity at the same time. Plus, they work beautifully with women of all shapes and sizes.

So you see, with a little money and minimal effort, you can create that effortless feminine look that is so beautiful and celebrates you.

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    WoW. nice article. thanks for sharing it with us. i will definitely try this look.

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