8 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Condo For Your Vacation

We’re on the first quarter of an exciting year. Have you started planning for your escapades? You can trek the mountains of the Cordilleras, surf the waves of Siargao or shop and dine in Hong Kong. Traveling is not only good for your Instagram account, it’s also beneficial for your mental health.

Researcher and book author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols says that vacationing, especially near water, is good for the well-being. “Often associated with feelings of awe and wonder, water can boost our empathy and compassion, our connection to ourselves and those we are with, and for many—from musicians like Pharrell Williams to neurologists like Oliver Sacks–it’s a steady source of creativity and insight,” he shares.  

Wherever you plan to create new memories, consider condo accommodation near your destination or port of entry.

Here are 8 compelling reasons why renting a condo is perfect for your budget and itinerary.

1). Stay near the airport

Short-term condo rentals in Metro Manila are gaining popularity among foreigners, local tourists, and balikbayans primarily due to accessibility. Most condo communities are strategically located near main roads, transportation hubs, and business/commercial districts.

Before your flight, you can do last-minute pasalubong shopping in the vicinity or relax in the condo’s resort-style lifestyle amenities. No need to cram. Take the time to chill prior a long-haul trip.

2). Park and fly

Don’t know where to leave your car when you fly overseas? Well, you can always ask your younger brother to look after your prized SUV, or safeguard it in a condo parking area. For the first, you don’t need to spend a penny, but your take the risk of relatives using it as daily service.

The second option will cost a bit, but you’re assured that your car will be in the same condition as when you left it. Your leased condo unit may or may not include a parking slot. Ask your landlord or leasing officer if it’s included in your lease agreement.

3). Relax before your 20-hour flight

It is said that it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters. But you have to admit, a long-haul flight is no easy feat. If you’re coming from the province, say Baguio City, the back-breaking trip starts at least six hours by bus.

Why not travel a day or two to Metro Manila and relax a bit before your departure? Tivoli Garden Residences offers tenants access to swimming pools, jogging/biking path and fitness gym. There’s also an entertainment room, children’s recreation space, and sky lounge where you can just chill under the city’s majestic skies.

4). Condo leasing, a cost-efficient accommodation

Renting a condo for your week-long sojourn in the capital is your best option budget-wise. For a lower rate, you get the comforts of staying in a hotel and a whole lot more. A fully-furnished condo unit includes a comfy bed complete with mattress, pillows, and beddings, toilet and bath, a functional kitchenette, dining area, and living room. Save money by cooking your meals. You can even hold dinners with family and friends.

5). Explore your city on foot

If you’re not from Metro Manila, it’s understandable that you may have unpleasant impressions about life in the capital region. Traffic, pollution, and urban decay are portrayed in films and news reports. True, these are evident in the city but there are many places in the metro where people enjoy high-quality of life. How to experience the best of city living? Rent a resort-style condo and explore urban points of interest by foot.

Tivoli Garden Residences lies on the boundary of Mandaluyong and Makati. It’s a 20-minute walk to Makati CBD, 15 minutes to Rockwell, and 10 minutes to Mandaluyong City Hall. In Mandaluyong, there are strips of restaurants and bars along Shaw Boulevard and shopping malls including SM Megamall and Shangri-la Plaza. A short drive will lead you the affluent city of San Juan where fine dining restaurants abound.

6). Provincial destinations within your reach

Metro Manila is massive. But it is also connected to nearby provinces, municipalities, and towns via expressways. Are you planning for an afternoon in Antipolo or a field tour in Cavite? Rent a fully-furnished condo in Pasig, Mandaluyong or Pasay. This will cut your transportation cost, both in time and money. From Pasig, tourist spots in Rizal province are just one bus or FX ride away.

You can also take EDSA to Cavite, Batangas, and other southern Luzon destinations. Are you heading north? You can lease a condo in Quezon City, which is near the bus terminals to Central Luzon plains, the Cordilleras, and the Ilocandia.

7). Celebrations in your condo community

Lease a condo on your next visit to Metro Manila and hold your family reunion in a condo function hall. No need to go elsewhere for your celebrations. Your guests can relax in a resort-style environment and party in style at the function hall or clubhouse. You can also have simple get-togethers in the picnic lawn or an afternoon tea at the sky lounge. Condo vacation rentals are definitely a notch higher than your typical accommodations.

8). Let it rain

When the weather gets bad in Metro Manila, an impending “carmaggedon” is only one of the worries of every resident. The flooding can paralyze cities. No one can say when a typhoon suddenly visits while you’re on vacation. However, if you stay in a condo, you can still enjoy have fun. There are indoor lifestyle amenities, spa, salons, restaurants and all other establishments within or near your condo. You’re ensured of 24/7 security and electric supply. Brew coffee, turn on the stereo, and enjoy a quiet, rainy afternoon.

Traveling is good for your health. Sure, it costs money, but with proper planning, you can pull it off just fine. You can save a lot and maximize your vacation if you stay in a condo for rent. Choose a condo near the airport, bus terminal or your chosen destination. Opt for one that has resort-style amenities, including function halls for your event. Speak with a leasing officer today to know your rental options!

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