The Interior Designer is the Key to Realize your Dream Home

The Interior Designer is the Key to Realize your Dream Home

While my house reflected my style a few years back – but few years down the line, not so much. I suddenly realized that my living space or the interiors of my home looked a tad on the tacky side and needed a makeover. I started looking at new furniture for my home and set a tight budget as I planned to spruce up only some parts of the apartment. But while browsing through the furniture options, it seemed that the budget I had set was somewhat unrealistic for the quality or changes I wanted.

There were several choices to make, which only added up the costs. Should the flooring be changed to hardwood? Which wall color would look good in the living room? How much would the new wallpaper cost? What about the wall hanging, light fixtures, etc.? The idea of having to purchase all these items was overwhelming, in particular on a limited budget. It seemed like an insurmountable task, and I soon started pondering over the benefits of hiring an interior designer.

A professional can quickly ascertain the minimum changes needed to get a new look, and knows the best places to get a good deal.

Finding the right Interior Designer

But finding good interior designers in Delhi and that too within my tight budget was starting to look like a far-fetched idea. Nonetheless, I browsed the internet for interior designers in Delhi and came across UrbanClap, a mobile marketplace for services offering more than 60 services in several cities across India.

As I listed my specifications on the website, it even provided the budget options and the locality where the service was sought.

Hiring an Interior Designer on UrbanClap

UrbanClap offers you services in your budget and in your locality. I looked for interior designers, provided my requirements and budget. Soon I started getting the quotations. With extensive customer reviews of the professionals, listed on UrbanClap, it was easy to zero in on the right candidate.

Choosing UrbanClap over the rest

UrabnClap is a deal maker, offering you services within your budget but without compromising on the quality of service. UrbanClap has over 50,000 professionals, follows a stringent verification policy, promotes only verified professionals and positive customer reviews. Also, the fact that they follow a multiple verification process, along with providing excellent customer service, further assured me that I was getting the best designer services.

Making it possible within half the budget!

Hiring an interior designer sounds an elite concept to many. Thanks to UrbanClap, it is possible to hire one within your budget.

The end results surprised me when I saw how truly how little was spent on revamping my apartment. Thanks to the professionals sent through UrbanClap, I got acquainted with some of the best interior designers. The interior designer I finally worked with had ideas which were closest to the ones I too had in mind.

Here is how the interior designer helped spruce up my pad in half the budget.

  • Well planned is half done. The interior designer discussed all the changes I was looking for and then took them all into consideration before beginning.
  • Reusing your current furniture can help you save in a big way. Though I was a little hesitant at first, I was convinced once she began transforming the old usable furniture and completely changed the look of my apartment.
  • The designer spent most of the budget on quality furniture which would enhance the look of the room instantly and prioritized spending on the right things.
  • With the advice of the designer, we purchased some unfinished and second-hand pieces of high-quality furniture from trusted sources. Giving them a makeover at home helped save tons of money.
  • By using bold colors, which were also pleasing, we chose to give a further facelift to few areas of the apartment. It helped brighten up specific areas at a very low cost.
  • Choosing a minimalist style made my home look contemporary and modern, at a very low cost. Keeping the space clean is a major component of pulling off a minimalist style.

Trying to decorate the home on a shoestring budget wasn’t easy. But, with a good interior designer (courtesy UrbanClap) offering the right kind of advice and time, I managed to get my home decorated in half the budget.

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