How to Improve Your Site’s Domain Authority

How to Improve Your Site’s Domain Authority

It is every website owner’s dream to make his or her site land on the first page of Google – if not as part of the top 5. With Google constantly changing its algorithm, you’re probably asking yourself if there’s a way to predict the outcome. Unfortunately, there isn’t.

However, there’s a bunch of things you could do to optimize your website, which will increase its ranking. Once you’ve decided to optimize your site, understanding Domain Authority will significantly improve its “searchability”.

Understanding Domain Authority

Domain Authority provides information on how search-engine-friendly a website is. It is basically a 100-point scale system that is developed by MOZ, which aims to give accurate information on how a domain ranks on search engines, such as Google. This information is useful for examining competitor rankings and determining the strength of your own domain.

Improving Your Site’s Domain Authority

Generally, the score ranges from 0 to 100 based on logarithmic measure. MOZ developed this idea through attempting to interpret Google’s algorithm and ranking calculations. If a domain has a high score, the more difficult it will be to improve it. In essence, the higher the score of a website, the more influential and powerful it is.

Here are six ways to boost your domain authority:

1. Put good content.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “content is king”. While some tend to exaggerate this notion, there really is a nugget of truth in this principle. If your website has quality content, increasing page views and site visitors will be effortless. It’s also important to stay abreast of the latest web design trends. If you want to improve your page authority, make sure you pitch valuable content in your website. This will naturally attract readers and viewers.

2. Stay knowledgeable and passionate.

Like what they say, the only constant thing in this world is change. If you want your website to stay relevant, you need to learn to go with the times. The social media has created its own competitive world. If keeping up to date require too much time, choose an agency like which caters towards beginners with a personal approach. In order to win the competition, you must offer something unique. Ask yourself, what does your site offer that others do not? Once you’ve made your website engaging and informative in its own special way, you will gain a variety of audience.

3. Learn about the best SEO practices.

Search Engine Optimization plays a significant role in increasing domain authority. Master the technical side, including the meta tags, titles, descriptions, sitemaps, website architecture, and other optimization techniques like finding ways to improve page load time.  If you don’t have time to learn about SEO, you can hire a professional to help you. You’d be surprised how applying SEO rules boost the ranking of your pages or site as a whole.

4. Determine good and bad linking.

It’s not just enough to have links on your site. In fact, there are instances when you have to remove certain links from sites with low credibility or value. Keep in mind that Google Search Console offers a way for you to remove them on your own – through the disavow button. On the technical side, you can improve or increase the presence of good links on your site through hiring an SEO expert with established connections.

5. Get to know internal links.

When increasing domain authority, proper interlinking within the site is crucial. In case you’re wondering what interlinking or internal linking is, it’s the process of linking a word or phrase from a page of your site to another page. If you learn to do this strategically, Google bots will read them as a series of connections, which will make your domain easy to read and crawl by the robots.

6. Be patient and consistent.

When it comes to SEO and domain authority, being patient and consistent is key. Once you have laid the foundations for SEO and content, gaining audience might take a while but having little to no viewers for several weeks doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Once you have submitted your SEO and web development modifications, Google bots will have to crawl them once again. Keep in mind that good rankings take time to develop.

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