How to Extend the Life of Your Roof

How to Extend the Life of Your Roof

The expense associated with replacing your roof with a new one can be prohibitive. This kind of a major expense can be avoided for quite some time if you take care to conduct regular inspection, repair, and cleaning. Depending on the materials used, it is not unusual to find roofs lasting for 20 to 30 years, especially when you attend to the problems before they become really serious.

Team Roofing has some tips for proper roof maintenance that you can follow to keep your roof in good working condition and extend its useful life by many more years.

Conduct Periodic Inspections of the Roof

Whether you do it yourself or have it undertaken by a professional, regular roof inspections can avoid problems from getting severe. The best time to conduct the inspections is before and after the change of seasons, or if the weather conditions have been particularly severe, and hurricanes, hail or snowstorms have taken place.

Other things that you should be alert to are damaged or missing shingles, insect infestation or damage caused by animals. Rust or growth of algae or fungus is sure sign that all is not well and the problem needs to be investigated further. Checking out the sides of the house for broken pieces of shingles is a good way of knowing the damage of the roof.

Most of the occurrences of leaks on the roof involve joints, seals and flashing and therefore it makes good sense to be extra vigilant while inspecting the roof. Flashing covers the various points of entry of water like exhaust pipe, vents, and the chimney and thus is more susceptible to leaks.

Be alert to punctures or bending of the flashing as well as sealant that had dried out, become brittle or loose. It is important not to ignore leaks on the roof even if they appear to be insignificant as they have a habit of becoming very grave in no time at all.

Trim the Trees

According to some of the most reputed roofers in Pearland Texas, it is advisable not to allow the branches of trees near the house to hang down over the roof because sooner or later the limbs will fall and damage the roof. Moreover, the branches of the trees hanging over the roof are an inducement to raccoons and squirrels to access your home.

When evaluating the trees, remember that even trees that look a little distant from the house can pose a hazard as strong winds can make the branches swing closer to the home.

Clear the Roof of Debris

It is very natural for debris like small branches of trees, twigs, and leaves to accumulate on the roof. With time and according to the season they can easily rot and encourage the growth of algae on your roof. It is a good practice to remember to clean the roof of debris every time you are trimming the trees or cleaning the gutters.

The best way is to use a roof leaf rake. Be sure to clean the roof and the gutters more often during fall, as the fallen leaf buildup can be quite large, and left unattended can lead to water or snow accumulation on the roof that can not only lead to damp but also put unnecessary load on the structure. Don’t power-wash the roof to make it squeaky clean as the force of the water can lead to the roofing materials and insulation getting damaged.

Be Alert to Pests

Keep a sharp eye and ear out for the presence of pests as they can get up to quite some mischief. Rodents can not only dislodge the shingles and make them fall to the ground but also create holes that can lead to structural damage. Termite and ant buildup must be treated with pesticides and a check done to ensure that it does not recur. Taking action in the early stages may often seem alarmist but delays can only lead to the problem getting more serious.


If you undertake proper and timely maintenance, you can expect your roof to last for decades. Apart from keeping your family and belongings safe for years, roof maintenance can potentially save you thousands of dollars on extensive roof repair and replacement.

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