How to Start Your Personal Travel Blog

How to Start Your Personal Travel Blog

People enjoy travelling and visiting new places that bring some magic into their everyday life. Vacation is considered to be the stress-buster for everyone and no person in the world says no to a getaway in the form of travel. Fortunately, the advancement in technology has rapidly piqued many people to explore even the most exotic and unreachable locations in the world and share the experience with all travel enthusiasts. This allows us all to enjoy amazing places even if we do not have an ability to visit them.

But, why wouldn’t we visit them? If you like travelling, there is always a way to cross that money barrier and visit every place you want. Take for example, Paul Johnson, the creator of the #1 Travel Blog – A Luxury Travel Blog. He started small and turned his little expedition into a blog with over 250,000 visitors every month! Not only this has allowed him to travel the world, but got him the chance of earning a tremendous amount of money at the same time.

Still, starting a travel blog may be a simple thing to, but you still need to learn the steps if you want this to be a successful blog. Here are some simple tips on how you can start your travel blog from scratch:

  • Pick a Name for Your Blog

When choosing the name of your travel blog, you must make sure that it is enticing and memorable. Long blogs tend to overwhelm readers and are difficult to memorize and share, so your blog name should also be short.

Your blog name should unravel the nature of your blog, which in this case is of course, your passion. Are you planning of visiting one particular continent? Are you interested in their culture? Do you travel to try out the food in different countries? Writing all these details down can help you think of the best name for your blog. And of course, you can always use thesaurus as your little helper.

  • Choose Your Blog’s Hosting

Hosting may sound terrifying to those who are not experienced with creating websites and blogs, but it can actually be very simple. Think of it as your place to ‘rent’ a website on the internet. For a small fee, you can purchase your own website and create your travel blog.

When choosing your hosting, you need to find a reliable place where you will store all the files, photos and data you want to share with others. Generally, the most popular hosting are BlueHost and WordPress. Not only these are cheap options, but are very easy to learn, too.

  • Choose the Theme

The blog you just created needs a theme or a design. There are some free themes you can use, but if you plan to take your travel blog seriously, it is recommended that you try out some of the premium professional blog themes designs. Such themes can improve the functionality and appearance of your website and help you attract more visitors. And they are very cheap, too.

  • Download Plugins

Plugins are highly necessary if you want your blog to be functioning. Additionally, they make the whole process of managing and maintaining your blog much easier, and many of them come at affordable price or even free of cost. Here are some plugins you should definitely consider for your blog:

  1. Yoast SEO for optimizing your content for the search engines
  2. WPtouch so that you can make your blog mobile friendly
  3. Akismet to protect the blog from spammers
  4. Easy Social Share Buttons to help visitors share your content.
  • Use Social Media

Posting regularly to social media is important if you want to have a successful blog of any kind. Even if you do not have posts just yet, make sure that you connect to the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can share the posts once you create them.

  • Start Writing

This step should be started with the About page. An About page is the first thing to create on a blog, since this is one of the most trafficked pages, especially when it comes to travel blogs. If you are a travel blogger, people will want to know who you are and where you’ve been.

After this, you can start working on your first post. The first post of a travel blog should tell people why you decided to take the step and start blogging. Make the post interesting and inviting, so that people will want to continue following your posts. The content you may provide can be absolutely different: you may share your photos, describe your impression about the country or write about unusual places you have visited. If you are not very good at writing, you may check essay writing service reviews and hire a professional writer.

Once you learn these steps and start your own blog, you can start working on making it successful. The more traffic your travel blog receives, the more fulfilled you will be and the more money you will make. This of course, takes time. However, it is totally worth it!

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  1. Interesting read. I do not write exclusively on travel yet I have a travelogue in my blog .planning to make it right

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