A Smart Guide to Creating Your Very Own Unique Blog

A Smart Guide to Creating Your Very Own Unique Blog

Blogging is a very interesting activity. If you’re someone who’s looking to establish your own blog, you’re most likely to have one or more of these reasons:

  • Passion/Hobby
  • Curiosity and Creativity
  • Money, Business, Promotion, Branding

You know what? I guess you probably have them all! Most bloggers are passionate and dedicated individuals who want more from their lives. They either love what they do and they never consider it work, or they’re just aware of the benefits that blogging can bring.

Either way, any successful blogger has worked hard, and never stopped being consistent until he has finally managed to seize his place in the marketplace. Some bloggers like Pat Flynn have created a great community and a big source of information concerning passive income methods. His website is called smartpassiveincome.com, and it teaches through articles, webinars, and podcasts.

Because of the fact that people are getting so much value from this guy, it’s obvious that he’s earning a lot of money, living his dream, and tackling his curiosity and creativity. He has all the reasons to blog, and guess what, he does it successfully.

I guess by reading this article you’re committed to improving your blogging knowledge. During this article, we’ll talk about some smart ways in which you can start crafting your very unique blog.

Mindset Intervention

I really don’t know who you are, how you think, and how you behave. I really don’t. Now, what I do know, is the fact that none of us are perfect. You need to be really open to the next tips and suggestions and try to be honest with yourself in the meantime. There are 2 important aspects that you need to fix immediately, that’s even before attempting to start your own blog:

Transform Fear of Failure into a Productive Pressure

Most people are afraid of failing. When it comes to doing more serious things like starting a professional niche blog, you’re going to face the fear. You must become aware of it, feel it, see it, and then confront it. You’re confronting it by perceiving the whole situation from a different perspective.

John Watson, psychologist and HR manager at Australianwritings.com company suggests that “instead of being afraid of the consequences of failing and focusing on that thought, you should perceive failure as a feedback for your actions. If the feedback is not good (failure), you must change your actions in order to change the feedback. Easy as that!”

Commit and Never Ever Give Up

If you’re saying to yourself “Well, I’ll just try and see how it goes” or “I’ll try to build the blog in ten weeks”, well, you’re not really committing to the whole process. What you do is important, and it should never be treated with a lack of respect. Successful people, at least a big majority, do not give up. That is why they’re successful.

You need to reflect a bit and start talking to your own self. Are you willing to start something and finish it? Or you’re just wasting time reading this article, writing articles, or reading more educational resources about blogging. Commit and never give up.

Practical Steps to Start Developing Your Blog

  • Establish What Type of Blog It Is

There are more types of blogs: personal, business, hobby, and so on. You need to know why you’re starting it and then decide what type of blog it is. For example, if you want to offer web design services, it’s going to be a B2B service website that can also contain a blog.

You can do whatever you want afterward, but just make certain that you do your research about the specific type of blog that you’ve started. There are all types of resources available that can truly teach you the specifics of your blog model.

  • Create a Long-Term Purpose

Any business or any activity must have a long term purpose. And by purpose, I’m not talking about money. I’m not talking about a target of $1.000.000 per year. I’m strictly referring to the “bigger purpose”.

You need to decide the reason for which you’re doing it. Is it going to help someone? Is it going to influence the faith of society? Why? Does it make feel good? Find the purpose and always have it in your mind, especially while going through rough times.

  • Find Your Target Audience

When your blog is all set, you need to start giving it leverage. That means that you have to bring traffic and expose your brand. But first, you must take care of this important aspect. You need to figure out who your customers and followers are. What type of persons they are? How do they think? What do they believe? What are their biggest issues and setbacks?

Identify as much as you can from your blog’s target audience and start preparing the content according to their needs. You can even imagine talking to the “perfect audience member” face-to-face. Try to see him as the representative of your entire online targeted audience.

  • Find Your Unique Proposition to the Market

Every blog that had a lot of success started with something unique. They were original with a certain concept; that concept has become extremely popular in the marketplace, therefore they’ve kind of won the lottery. One idea with a proper action strategy and action could turn out to be extremely profitable.

Start a brainstorming session and identify your unique value proposition. What are you bringing to the table? Why are you unique, and why should people choose you instead of your competitors? Try to note it down in not more than two sentences. Be very concise and find out your unique blog’s values!

  • Promote Your Blog Everywhere, Stop, and Analyze, and Optimize

So what’s left is to push your blog into the “online ocean” that’s out there. There are plenty of blog promotion strategies, but I’m not going to focus on that. Instead, you can check out this or this resource in order to learn more about promoting your blog.

Start identifying the best promotion methods that are working for your own blog, and then eliminate the ones that are consuming time and money. This means that you’re analyzing which method works the best for your ROI, and then you immediately optimize according to your results!


Having a blog is an interesting experience. Moreover, it can become a revenue producer and therefore help you improve your lifestyle. You’ll have more choices, more options, more opportunities, more time to spend with your loved ones, and most importantly, the flexibility that anyone craves for.

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