Perfect Time of Year to Buy Almost Anything {Infographic}

Perfect Time of Year to Buy Almost Anything

If we put half as much thought into the way we spend money as we do on earning it, most of us could make our shopping dollar go a lot further. The shape of retail has changed dramatically over the past two decades, and if commercial businesses are using ever more sophisticated technologies to sell and deliver to us, these new trends also form a pattern that the smart shopper can utilize for their own benefit.

Even as the surprising future of technology advances, so the mundane keeps up with it. We’ve all heard about Amazon’s plans to deliver small packages by drone. Meanwhile, on this year’s Amazon Prime Day they managed to shift 23,000 robot vacuum cleaners via traditional snail mail. That’s because Prime Day has become an important landmark on the smart shopper’s calendar: hold out on your electronics needs until the middle of July, and you can get yourself a real bargain, even if it’s most likely to be delivered by a plain old human being.

But if Amazon pride themselves on being the ‘everything shop’, that doesn’t make Prime Day the be all and end all of carefully timed shopping. In fact, retail boffins have noticed that certain categories of item tend to get a more general reduction in price at certain times of the year. Some of these are more intuitive than others: summer gear gets reduced in August and September, winter clothes are reduced in the springtime. Others, it is more difficult to foresee without a little advice from those in the know.

This January, for example, you’ll want to stock up on bedding and, uh… suits. Meanwhile, if you’re likely to need a new dishwasher this year, don’t wait until you current one busts: dishwashers are cheapest in February, so invest early and keep your shiny new Bosch on reserve in the garage until your old one gives up the ghost.

On the other hand, if your television can last another season, try to hold out until June before you replace it. That’s when the bargains tend to appear for telly addicts… and of course, it’s getting dangerously close to Prime Day again (Amazon sold 90,000 TV sets last time around).

The good people at Quid Corner have put together a reference chart for any item you might be itching for over the next twelve months, so you know when to splurge and when to wait. A good old-fashioned calendar for the smart modern shopper!

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