Free Data Recovery Solution – EaseUS Data Recovery Tool {Review}

Free Data Recovery Solution - EaseUS Data Recovery Tool {Review}

Let me be straight-forward, this is going to be a review, a review of the EaseUS data recovery tool. And I’m pretty sure you already are looking for a data recovery solution or else you would’ve never clicked on this article’s link in the first place.

Now before you start knitting all the negative aspects of the tool, let me tell you that nope I’m not trying to “sell” you anything as such.

EaseUS ofcourse is a paid tool but it has a free version as well so it’s not mandatory for you to “spend money” to use EaseUS.

Infact it’s one of those few tools in the market which actually do what they claim to do, and let me tell you that the free version of EaseUS too is totally capable of recovering data for you so chances are you won’t even need the premium version in the first place.

What is EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software?

I’m pretty sure the headline in itself must’ve answered your questions. It’s a tool which specializes in bringing back data from the dead.

Now there are quite a number of features why I’m singing in praise of the tool, let me illuminate some of them for you.

Recover from Any Kind of Scenario:

It doesn’t matter for EaseUS how you lost the data, it will get you back that’s the point.

Now with the other tools out there in the market, the primary problem which exists is, they support only certain scenarios, and mostly just “hard-disk corruption” and nothing else.

But with EaseUS you’ll get back your data regardless of how you lost it, some of the most common and recoverable scenarios supported by EaseUS are:-

  • Hard-Disk corruption:- Ofcourse it’s the most common reason why I loose my data. 
  • OS Crash:- It’s somewhat similar to the above scenario, the OS crashes and the hard disk gets corrupted. But anyway even if it doesn’t, you might loose some data and EaseUS gets that back for you.
  • Accidental Deletion:- Even if you delete your data from the recycle bin, EaseUS can still scan the Hard-disk sectors for residual footprints and bring your data back.
  • Virus Attacks
  • Lose of a Partition:- At times it’s possible that you lost a whole partition, it’s like loosing some part of your whole hard-disk, well you get the data back with EaseUS.
  • And couple other scenarios, so long story short you’re getting your data back that’s one thing for sure.

The second question that hits me as soon as I go on and download any Data recovery tool out there is, will it support my device? Will I be able to recover data from my device? What if it supports only laptops and computers?

Well that’s one more problem EaseUS takes care of for you.

Devices Supported by EaseUS:

EaseUS Supports not just laptops and computers but almost every other kind of digital media storage device out there that is.

Including USB Sticks, Hard-disks,Memory Cards, Digital Cameras, Music Players etc! 

So yeah if you’ve a device which stores data digitally, you can use EaseUS to recover data from it even if it’s not a computer or laptop without any problem.

What File Types can You Recover?

Yet another question is that of “file types”. Can you recover only jpg image files? Or Mp3 music files as well? What about documents?

To answer that question all I’ll say is, here’s a short list of file types EaseUS supports:-

  • Emails
  • Compressed Files
  • Photos / Videos
  • Documents
  • Audio

And every other “digital” file type.

Preview Before Recovering:

Just because you “deleted/lost” a file doesn’t mean you want to recover it and EaseUS understand that. 

So it has this feature where you can preview the file before actually recovering it.

Final Verdict

I won’t say much, just that if you need your files bought back from the dead, and you’re looking for a “free” solution, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the way to go.

You’ve already seen the files types, scenarios and devices it supports. To top it all up, you can download it for FREE and try out it’s super-powers.

If all of these features can’t convince you, I don’t know what can. Anyway do leave your feedback in the comments down there.

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