7 Ways Your Business Can Go Green

7 Ways Your Business Can Go Green

When it comes to running a business, many entrepreneurs will agree that it is all about giving their consumers what they want. Since trends are showing that sustainable businesses are increasing in frequency, consumers also consider a company’s environmental policies before investing or buying your products and services. When your business is sustainable, from day one, you achieve several advantages. First, you have a much smaller carbon footprint than a large, global competitor. In addition, your green credentials can give you a surge of popularity.

Another advantage is you can show your target market that you care about the earth. While you shouldn’t do it just for profits, it can actually help to enhance your marketing campaigns. The most important thing is to ensure it isn’t forced.

Mindfulness of your company’s environmental impact can go a long way–especially if you go green from day one. Your customers will ensure it is just another reason they support your business. And, we all know that brand loyalty is vital to the success of any business. So, here are seven ways your business can go green.

Provide recycling depots

We all need fuel to get through the day–that includes hydration and food. But, what happens with the containers for all of those items? It can really add up, especially when people choose to stay at the office for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sure, productivity is increased–but, so is waste.

So, it helps to give employees a dedicated space to deposit their paper, plastic, beverage bottles and other recyclable materials. You want them to understand that “reduce, reuse and recycle” is a core foundation for your company. Remember, your employees are some of your best advocates.

When they see how much your business cares about the world, they will certainly be proud to share that message with friends and family. And, before you know it, that message goes viral. Just imagine an employee’s parent saying this at a Bridge meetup, “Oh, my son works for ABC company, and they recycle all beverage and food containers in office.” Talk about doing good, while getting free marketing.

Support a greener commute

When there are fewer cars on the highways, the environment benefits. That means fewer emissions, traffic and smog. Another way you can go green is by encouraging people to take mass transit, carpool or bike to work. Of course, not every employee can safely bike to work if they live far away. But, for those that can, you might offer cashback for tire purchases or even provide safe locations for bike storage.

You can also create lists of people who want to carpool so that they can interact with one another to set up an office carpool. Every now and then, you can offer to pay for gas once a month–perhaps give a gas card to the carpool coordinator.

Moreover, some companies offer bus passes. This really depends on the budget you have. If you’re a startup, you might not have the funds to pay for a monthly bus pass for each employee. You could schedule one day a month for everyone to take the bus and pay for that daily bus pass then. The ideas are limitless for how you can encourage a greener commute.

Add a green space

After a while, we all need to escape the concrete jungle. Perhaps you can recreate a green space by having a spot that offers plenty of windows, natural light and living plants. This gives your employees the opportunity to take a break with Mother Nature. This can also be a courtyard or patio space.

Encourage employees to take some time for fresh air. Plus, living plants in the office can help filter airborne pollutants and send oxygen in the air. It also makes the office more serene and inviting. If you can’t be outside, bring some of it indoors. Just make sure you have someone dedicated to caring for the plants. It would cause much rolling of eyes to come to an office filled with dead or dying plants.

Turn off unused appliances

Some offices spaces can be energy suckers. So, you should turn off all appliances not in use. Make sure your employees know that they need to take part in this community action. Not only does this make your company more eco-friendly, but it also saves money on energy. Moreover, it protects your company from electrical faults and accidents.

Put computers on sleep mode

We can’t run a business without computers. And, essentially, every employee needs to have one. But, you shouldn’t leave them on all the time. Imagine the energy bills if you did. Instead, put all computers on hibernate when not in use. This can help your business save between $10-$50, per computer, annually.

Stop printing

We’ve reached a day and age where you really don’t need to print anything, anymore. In fact, in 2009, the U.S. government switched to a paperless budget. As a result, they saved 500 trees, 20 tons of paper and millions of dollars. So, make as many documents as possible available electronically.

I don’t know about you, but the last time I printed anything was seven months ago–and, it was two sheets of paper. Instead of printing memos, send emails. Tell employees only to print paper when they are absolutely necessary.

Use eco-friendly furniture

Take going green to the next level by using eco-friendly furniture. It’s what our ancestors used, and we can do the same. Think of furniture made of bamboo, aluminum or HDPE lumber. What is HDPE lumber you may ask? It is a lumber made from recycled plastics. When you use eco-friendly furniture, you are not contributing to deforestation. Also, it means less maintenance.

There are many ways your business can go green. The objective is to start now. Even a few green plants can make a world of difference in an otherwise dull and sterile office. Simple choices such as limiting printing and putting computers on hibernate also helps. What are some ways your business is going green?

Katrina Manning is a content marketing specialist for Gogreen.org who has penned thousands of articles on green living and environment for a wide variety of clients. She is also the author of three books and is currently working on her fourth. In her free time, she enjoys fundraising for charitable causes, playing with her cat and baking.

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