5 Ways To Improve The Online Visibility of Your Ecommerce Site

5 Ways To Improve The Online Visibility of Your Ecommerce Site

Putting the best face online is an important milestone towards the success of every e-commerce website. The core problem faced by many businesses is a failure to design best websites as they can. Following common design flaws will negatively impact the performance of your online store.

Poor Design

The overall design of your e-commerce platform should make an immediate impact on its visitors. When coming up with the design, you should ask yourself several questions, such as, will my design make my visitors stay online or leave as fast as possible?. If the content of your website is difficult to read and understand, then it may be unappealing to your visitors.

Use of reduced font size and fancy fonts will lender your site illegible considering that some of your clients may have problems reading small print. Embedding many images, buttons and ads will make it difficult for the customer to concentrate on a particular critical element. You should come up with a simple design containing key elements of your website.

Outdated Content

The validity of the content is what defines the importance a website. Before posting any content on your site, you should first go through the content and ask yourself whether it fulfills the needs of your target clients. Have a clear understanding of critical issues to your clients.

If the information posted on your site does not address your audience concerns, then they will have no reason to spend their time on your site.

Navigation Problems

No matter how appealing your design is, no one will be willing to spend his time trying to collect the information they require. Following today’s high internet connection speed, everyone will be ready to leave one site for the other in search of needed content.

Critical content such as your content information should be contained at the top of every page to ensure no one misses it.

Lack of Call to Action

The goal of every e-commerce platform is to convert every visitor into a potential customer and turn every customer into a repeat customer. The best approach to implement is through having a call to action right to where you have placed your important information on the page.

Once a customer sees you have a solution to her problems, they should easily find CTA button to make an immediate action.

Not Mobile Friendly

In the current world of technology, where people are browsing, from the comfort of their handheld devices, you should look for a designer who will stand to design sites easily compatible with mobile devices.

If your website is not properly optimized to run on mobile device then, it may take a long time to load, and assume unappealing interface when loaded on mobile device scaring away your visitors.

Lack of Trust Factors

A potential customer wants the satisfaction that they are going to trust your goods or services. If they fail to find any factor in trusting you,then they will leave for your competitors. To ensure this, you should include reviews and testimonials from happy clients who had earlier used your goods or services and provide a list reputable affiliates you are associated with.

By ensuring your e-commerce platform is properly designed,user-friendly and contains all relevant keywords that will outweigh all the mistakes that might hurt prosperity of your business.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who has worked in eCommerce for the last five years.  She currently writes for Rakuten Super Logistics and recommends them for all your texas fulfillment center needs to further your success.

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