5 Tips For Setting Up the Perfect Holiday Table

5 Tips For Setting Up the Perfect Holiday Table

Even people who don’t entertain at other times of the year will often go all out during the December holidays. As with most aspects of this time of year, you want to put on a good show. This will require extra preparation and thought, but the results will impress your friends and family, and maybe even yourself. And the result could be an evening that will be memorable, even before you serve that appetizer or pour that first glass of wine.

Here are five helpful tips for creating the perfect holiday table.


When your guests take that initial look at your table, make them do a double-take with an array of colors. Lots of reds and greens send a powerful seasonal message. Napkins and tablecloths are obvious ways to do that, but so do foods such as apples, strawberries and cranberries. The traditional sight of red berries, holly and pine cones add to the holiday atmosphere.


Your guests will greatly appreciate a functional item that doubles as a gift. Personally-designed place card holders or small scented candles with holders make marvelous gifts. Did you create a top of the line delicious dessert? Create a specifically designed menu laminated red and green edged card, dated and personalized will be something this year’s’ guests will use in years to come.


Look around your home to add personal touches. This might take some work, but this will take your table to a level that can’t be duplicated. For example, do you have a favorite plate or other appropriate setting you got during your dream trip to Italy? What about a favorite holiday decoration that not only adds to the evening’s visual enjoyment but can double as conversation pieces? Just make sure you stay within your evening’s theme and color.


Smell is one of the most powerful, yet neglected part of creating a holiday atmosphere. While not technically part of the table setting, it will enhance your table’s appeal upon entering your home. You have a wide variety here, evergreen for example. Just make sure the fragrance matches the evening’s decorum. And make it subtle. Effective aromas entice the senses; not assault them.


Table lighting can create a more intimate atmosphere, and probably works best if you are entertaining only a few people. If you choose this option, consider flameless candles, which don’t die and eliminates the fear of fire. To add an even more personal touch, make sure the candles’ color match the rest of your tables’ decorum.

These are just a few of the many ideas you can use to set that “just right” holiday table. Lots of other options exist. Ornamental napkin holders and poinsettia centerpieces are just a few other suggestions for creating that memorable table. Use your creativity.

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