Yacht Photography: How to Capture Your Yachting Experience


Whether sailing or cruising, yachting provides an unforgettable experience, but who can truly claim to recall every single detail of their holiday?

In order to capture your stay aboard a beautiful yacht, whether it be on-board your own vessel, a fractionally owned yacht or a charter, a basic knowledge of photography may come in handy – as well as a few lesser-known hints and tips.

Know Your Camera

Get to know your tools before you embark on your adventures by playing with the settings and exploring angles. Try framing shots using a window for a landscape or the shape of wall for a portrait – soon to be replaced by a porthole and a mast! A wide-angle lens is recommended to capture the scenery, yacht and people all in one, without distortion.


It may also be useful to consider the accessories you may need on board, taking into account the conditions at sea. Of course, a tripod always comes in handy for group shots and a waterproof camera will undoubtedly be a yacht charter essential, as well as a sturdy strap to keep your camera safe from the ocean depths.

Finally, a Breton striped t-shirt is sure to complete any lookbook for those wanting to keep up with the classic maritime trend as they relax on the top deck.

Image Subjects

Dive right in and submerge yourself in your holiday: natural, impulsive shots often capture the joy of the moment best, so have your camera close to hand. The best way to capture maritime wildlife is to stay as still as possible on the surface of the water and make use of the beautiful light.

However, when shooting your friends or children, a more energetic approach might be required to capture an elegant dive into clear blue waters or a water fight.


A lens hood may come in handy during the day to avoid the glare of sunlight off the surface of the water; early mornings or late evenings are the golden hours for a photoshoot as the low sun and indirect light make for beautiful images.

To capture the perfect sunset, do not hesitate to play with silhouettes for dramatic effect. A shot of your yacht as a whole in the water makes for a lovely souvenir and it can be accompanied by photographing the smaller details of life on board: lowering the anchor and your favorite meal are also all part of the experience.

Eternalise your memories

All too soon, you will have found your land legs again back on dry land. Although your home may be landlocked, relive your yacht charter through the beautiful images you took while aboard. Plug your devices into your widest monitor or upload your photos to the cloud to be able to enjoy your memories no matter where you are.

A few images always stand out and it is possible to enhance them by using your preferred editing software. In no time at all, you will be back aboard your favourite luxury yacht but, until then, a little bit of ocean escapism will surely to tide you over.

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