Tips for Evaluating Digital Printing for Packaging


Welcome to the revolutionary phase of the printing and packaging scenario. Digital print has been single-handedly responsible for radically changing the printing industry. Digital printing precisely for packaging is really poised to go ahead with exploring new substrates and categories including flexible and folding cartons.

Here are some of the factors to keep in mind while evaluating digital printing for packaging.

Run Size:

Digital printing is fast becoming popular in markets that need frequently updated and specialized labels such as craft beers and wines. Brands with several SKUs and small brands are benefitted most from digital printing. The reduction in material waste and short changeover times could make it a really cost-effective option.

Speed to Market:

Conventional printing methods such as gravure, flexo and offset would sometimes take several weeks for preparing rolls or plates and getting the printer run-ready. CPG firms, maybe due to competitive advantage or poor planning hardly give enough time before requiring fresh new designs, particularly with promotional and seasonal campaigns. So speedy delivery is of prime importance and digital printing steps up and caters to the demand promptly and effectively.

The Materials Cost:  

There is no point in comparing flexo and digital as that would be like comparing oranges to apples. However, a little bit of careful scrutiny of all the relevant numbers would distinctly reveal where cost savings could actually be realized. Consider the materials cost and only then you could compare total costs involved.

Waste seems to be a crucial factor in evaluating printing costs on a long-term basis. Standard overrun percentages seem to be lower with digital. Moreover, with the continuous demands of retailers and customers, stored labels often become obsolete. This could really be a substantial loss.

The Cost of Time:

Both long-term and short-term cost of the time factor is being examined and analyzed more and more in the current scenario. The restrictive factor in any manufacturing chain could be clogging up management processes and design in unthinkable ways. It is really tough to concentrate on your next project if your current one is held up still in prepress. If you are looking for high quality printing Mumbai service providers, just check the yellow pages.

SKUs & Their Variability:

Beverage firms that offer a vast variety of flavors, performance lines, and diet options could understand the advantages of localized and on-demand printing. But even in the absence of several SKUs, numerous upstart brand owners are generating multiple designs for a single SKU.

International Presence:  

You must assess long-term printing plans. Moreover, foreign language necessities on packaging still continue to evolve with time and they have become certainly more specific. Digital is best for national brands extending into international markets. Remember dominant players in the market often are forced to start their businesses with small volumes. Moreover, they wish to stay connected, committed and dedicated to the market with well-produced and well-designed multilingual packages.

Converter Flexibility:

You must plan well ahead of time. It is a common practice to initiate printing on digital first and gradually with increase in volume shift to flexo printing. More often than not, digital is utilized as actually a test run, a smooth supplement to flexo or a proofing process. Ensure that the printer promises a seamless substitution including production run samples and proof copies.


It may be slightly difficult for everyone to understand and acknowledge the hype associated with digital printing and packaging simply because the real packaging market penetration seems to be still pretty low, by percentage. Its initial phenomenal success has been actually in labels for beverage and food products, but it is all set to shift to other categories, as well as, other substrates like flexible and folding cartons. It is, therefore, crucial to plan well on time and consider all the relevant factors associated with going digital.

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