Importance of Automotive Oil Filter In Preserving Engine Health

An oil filter is a type of filter that has been specially designed to remove contaminants from transmission oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, and lubricating oil. Automotive oil filters are mostly used in internal combustion engines of the conventional or off-road motor vehicles. Other types of vehicle hydraulic systems, similar to those in power steering and automatic transmissions also come with an oil filter.

Having the Best Synthetic Oil 2016 is highly crucial for every car owner because if the oil were to be left unfilled for a long time, it might result in saturation with tiny and hard particles that may take a toll on the car’s engine. This dirty and saturated oil can slowly damage the pump’s components and also cause wear and tear to the bearing surfaces in the engine.

A general rule of thumb, you should at least replace the oil filter of your vehicle whenever you decide to have the oil changed as a method of prevention. The good news is that this device is a relatively inexpensive part of a vehicle, which has to be changed depending on your car’s needs and particular model.

All you have to do is take a look at the vehicle maintenance guidelines or the owner’s manual to find out when exactly is the right time.

Even though the concept of changing an oil filter sounds pretty straightforward, it would be good if you knew the operations of few essential parts of your car’s engine system. The following are the names of a few parts and how oil filter affects them.

  1. Tapping plate a.k.a. Gasket: this is the portion where oil enters and exits the filter. It is made up of a bigger center hole surrounded by smaller sized holes, through which oil enters on the outer side of the tapping plate. The oil then exits via the center hole, which is attached to the part of the car’s engine.
  2. Anti-drain back valve: this is a valve that is kind of flap-like and is responsible for preventing oil from seeping back inside of the oil filter from the engine when the vehicle is not running. Like every other part, this too is a crucial element of an automotive.
  3. Filter medium: the filter medium is the primary part of an oil filter, which is comprised of synthetic and microscopic cellulose fibers that act as sieves to trap contaminants before they can reach the engine. The filter medium is either folded or pleaded as it boosts efficiency.
  4. Centre steel tube: Once the oil is thoroughly filtered of any debris or grit, it then passes back inside of the engine through this mechanism, known as Centre steel tube.
  5. Relief valve: This part allows unfiltered oil of small amounts to pass into the engine to meet its lubrication needs until the oil has created enough heat to pass through the filter normally. The relief valve is a necessary component because cars refuse to start up when the engine is cold as it still requires some amount of oil. In low temperatures, the oil is too thick to be able to pass through the filter medium, and this is where this portion of a car comes into play.
  6. End discs: This component is usually made of metal or fiber and usually lies on either side of the filter medium. These discs are responsible for preventing unfiltered oil from seeping inside of the Centre steel tube and eventually passing on to the engine. End discs are held tightly in place by pieces of metal known as the retainers.

From this list of oil filter parts, you can probably understand that describing the functioning of an oil filter involves more than just segregating debris through a filtration medium. The oil filter of your automobile has been designed not only to eliminate contaminants but also keep the unfiltered and filtered oil in their own areas.

The filter system is also responsible for giving the engine a small amount of oil that may exist in less than desirable form when it’s necessary. Everything being said, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to use only good quality oil for any vehicle as it will not only improve your overall experience but also boost the life of the engine.

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