Your Brain On Yoga {Infographic}

No one would argue that living in today’s world is full of stress. Traffic jams, busy schedule, and extra hours at work can all affect the way we feel, look, and behave. It is true that stress is one of the major causes of multiple disease and illnesses, so there is no wonder why so many people today search for hobbies that make them feel calm and relaxed and balanced.

Beyond any doubts, yoga is one of the leaders in the list of such hobbies. While some people practice yoga for the sake of muscle strength and physical shape, the truth is that yoga is an immensely effective way to get your brain in a healthier and more productive condition. Not only it helps you to reduce anxiety, but it can also help you stay more focused and concentrated on important tasks.

According to official data, more than 15 million of Americans practice yoga at least once per month. Some of them go to professional yoga studios or attend yoga retreats, while others get the benefits of yoga practice right from the comfort of their homes. With all video lessons and online yoga courses available today, it only takes you some motivation and a simple set of equipment to turn your living room into a real yoga studio.

Speaking of necessary equipment, the list is short and does not contain anything complicated. As yoga experts claim, yoga mat, towel, blocks, and straps are basically all you need to have a good home-based practice. Fortunately, no special clothes required, so a comfortable T-shirt and a pair of pants will do their job just right. As long as your clothes do not distract you from doing exercises, it can be considered appropriate for yoga.

If you are one of those looking for something more than just another fat-burning exercise, then you should definitely give yoga a try. Still having some doubt? Then, take a couple of minutes to dig deeper into the subject by reading this beautiful infographic.

Cassie Brewer

Cassie Brewer

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