5 Modern Day Cleaning Tips That You Must Know

Home is where the heart is and, you certainly want a pretty heart.. Our abodes are not just our nesting places. They are sites where our souls seek refuge.

Naturally, we want our homes to be spick and span.  It’s crucial that our homes look lovely and we take extra steps to keep it clean and tidy.  

We are sure you are on the same page as us with regards to this. But if you are wondering how on earth are you going to pull that off with your busy schedules, then here are a few hacks. So, without further ado, we advise you just to sit back and take notes of the same.

Ventilate your home regularly

Improve the ventilation by installing an extractor fan and opening the windows daily. Good ventilation, especially in the kitchen, is necessary to prevent the growth of bacteria, or mildew which is often found in the kitchen due to cooking.  

However, ventilation is more than just opening the room windows, you also don’t want the pollution to come inside your living areas. Consider investing in an air purifier online or installing trickle vents to purify the air which comes in.  

Use indoor air filters

In a country like ours, we are often surrounded by other pollutants in the air. It’s safer to look into the quality of the air we breathe indoors and take the necessary precautions. Dust build-up, too much moisture in the air, smoking, or the use of chemical products like paint, detergents, and synthetic fibers are some of the most common causes of indoor air pollution.

HEPA filters are a great way to remove the unwanted contaminants from indoor air. You can even purchase an air purifier online from a well-known brand such as KENT which uses HEPA Air Purification technology. Air Purification technology is beneficial for those suffering from Asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions as well as the pregnant women.

Keep your kitchen appliances clean

Kitchen appliances like microwaves, ovens, blenders, dishwashers, etc. seem to have become our saviors in fast paced life. These devices are the next most used items in most households today, after perhaps your phone, television or laptops. But despite using them daily, we don’t take out time to clean our kitchen equipment. For all you busy bodies there are several quick and easy ways to keep these appliances clean. For instance, for cleaning the microwave, all you need to do is pour half a cup of vinegar into two cups of water in a microwave safe bowl. Run the microwave for three minutes on full power and then leave the container inside for few minutes.

Finally, remove the bowl and wipe the microwave from inside. Or while cleaning a blender, mix water and soap in it and then run it on high speed for a minute or two. If you love your oven, then line the bottom with a nonstick oven liner. It can be wiped with a paper towel, washed and used several times.

Stock up on necessary cleaning equipment

It is a good idea to stock up on necessary cleaning equipment so that you are more encouraged to clean the house when you have some free time. With the right equipment, cleaning can even turn into a weekend hobby, rather than a tiresome task. Stock up on the rubber gloves with which you can quickly finish all the cleaning tasks without feeling disgusted.

Microfiber cloths are all purpose and perfect for cleaning the kitchen, table counters, windows and can even be used for dusting. Few specially made ones are even used for bathing. Wet microfiber cloths are perfect for sanitizing and cleaning floors, counters, glass and tiles. So, you can do away with the excessive paper towels and other cleaning cloths with the all  purpose microfiber cloths.

Make your own cleaners

Making cleaners at home means lesser chemicals, which makes the indoor air cleaner and less contaminated. Just mix four table spoons of baking soda and one quarter of warm water. Dip a sponge in this mixture and wipe off the kitchen counters, or refrigerator.  The surfaces will be left gleaming clean. Clean your hairbrushes and combs in a simple mixture of dish soap and warm water and leave them in the soapy water for few hours.

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