Top 5 Accessories For Your New DSLR Camera

Top 5 Accessories For Your New DSLR Camera

OK so your new DSLR arrived a few days ago and you already managed to “shoot” almost everything around you. Liking the improved contrast you couldn’t get before? Or the bump in the resolution and pixel count? That feeling of excitement is something that all camera owners share. Can’t get enough of it!

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However, it won’t be too long before you start to wish for a steadier image, better light, and bigger storage and try to find new ways to elevate your photography to a whole new level.

  • Tripod

Tripods are essential for capturing those perfect shots at the exactly precise angle. Not only that, but they keep the camera completely still at all times to make your images sharp and full of detail. However, not all tripods the same. They vary in size, use, price, quality of build and materials used.

Do a little research on tripods and learn which type will best suit your particular photography style. Just make sure you don’t get the cheapest ones, as they easily break most of the time.

  • Lenses

Almost all DSLR’s come equipped with a default wide-to-normal zoom lens. This lens is useful in everyday situations due to its 17-55mm range. However, if you are interested in landscape or interior photography, then a wider lens becomes as must-have.

Telephoto lenses are used to tightly frame an action subject, macro lenses are ideal for small subjects and portraits require a wider angle lens with a bigger aperture to regulate the depth of field and add blur to the background.  

  • Filters

ND or natural density filters have become increasingly popular as of late, as they allow you to shoot long exposure takes in broad daylight to add water movement and blur to the clouds in a landscape.

They are also useful for shooting using a wide aperture in when it’s very sunny outside. Graduated ND filters balance out the exposure of clear sky with a somewhat darker foreground. Polarizing filter cut down the reflections and increase contrast and saturation. They come in two different shapes, rectangular or square, which attach via a holder attached at the end of the lens, and round, which come in specific sizes and screw into the front of the camera lens.

  • Camera Bag

Those having a single lens, portable camera may not find this important, but what you need to realize that having a camera bag not only makes carrying equipment around more easily, but it also protects said equipment from the elements.

This does not mean that you have to buy the most expensive camera chest to store your gear, but a simple bag or a camera backpack with a few compartments to keep thing separate and prevent them from hitting into one another is more than enough. You can check for them online or visit your local camera shop to see the different kinds of bags and see for yourself which one will suit your individual needs the best.

  • Cleaning Equipment

Don’t forget, best photos come in a moment and only last a moment. If you’re not ready, you might miss it forever. Many things can stop you. Far away camera, empty battery, and manual settings are just few of them. Let’s say none of them stop you… You get the perfect shot. So, where’s the problem?

You were eating at the time. Your hands were dirty. Grab the camera with greasy fingers to save a precious moment just once and you will see how long it takes to get your DSLR clean again. That is if you don’t have the right cleaning equipment.

In Conclusion

So, you’ve gotten yourself a brand new DSLR and want to up your photography game with some camera accessories. But before that, you need to make sure you know which type of photography you’ll be doing. What camera gear you get depends heavily on what you plan to shoot with it.

Don’t go overboard with the price, but also don’t go for the cheapest option available. Think about this before making that investment, as camera equipment can burn a hole in your pocket faster than you imagine.

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