How to Start a Blog That Stands Out (By Far)

How to Start a Blog That Stands Out (By Far)

Nowadays, bloggers are very powerful people. They influence people’s life decisions. Many people make purchases based on recommendations they get from a blog. Whenever people get into a fix, they do a quick online search for a solution. And they mostly end up getting it from a blog. Even big companies now have blogs.

Start by making your blog stand out from the rest. Make it the go-to place in your niche. Yes, there are already so many blogs and too much noise online. As usual, survival tactics apply. Surviving online is not just survival for the fittest, but also for the smartest. Here’s how you can become the smart blogger that everyone wants to read from.

Have an outstanding idea

Your idea should be unique and fresh. Don’t just do the same old stuff you’ve been seeing online. There are high chances that whatever you want to blog about has already been blogged about heavily. However, try to give it a twist that has never been done yet. Something that will give people a reason to want to keep reading and learning from you.

Before you set up the blog, take some time to deeply research on your niche. Go real deep and find out what’s really paining your audience. Check out other blogs and note down what they may be lacking. Meticulously craft a winning strategy that will give your audience something they can’t find anywhere else.

Remember Facebook came after MySpace, Gmail came after Yahoo and Uber came when they were already many other taxi apps. However, they researched heavily and came up with unique features that made them dominate the market. Aim to do the same thing when crafting your blogging strategy.

Learning never stops

For you to stand out, learn from multiple sources. These include:

  • Other bloggers: You start from the known to the unknown. See what others are doing and implement what’s working.
  • The news: What’s happening in the world? What’s changing? Pay close attention to industry news so that you can make realistic projections for the future.
  • The numbers: This is very important, and it will really make you stand out. Keep doing your own testing and learning from the feedback. Learn your audience inside out. Top companies overtook their competition because they were creative, tested new things, closely studied feedback and implemented relevant ideas before everyone else. Numbers don’t lie.

Never stop learning. Whenever you learn something new that works, take quick and decisive action with it.

Make your audience feel useful

In the battle for domination, bloggers have started making their audience feel like a bunch of lab rats. Even before they engage with a blog’s content, they’re already bombarded with forms, ads, polls, like boxes and much more.

This is like meeting a new person and even before you know their name, they’re already asking for your number, asking whether or not you like them, advertising their products and even making marriage proposals. Feels awful, right?

We love exchanging value for value. Once you know and love someone, you can feel free to give them any information they ask for. You’ll enjoy it even when they send you frequent messages. You will gladly keep in touch.

For you to stand out, don’t bombard your readers with demands even before they get to know you. Yes, you need a lead nurturing strategy. You want to grow a large, responsive mailing list where you can get repeat customers. However, do your best to remain humane. Make your audience feel useful at all times.

Do top blogs do all these intrusive things? Yes, they do. However, the big question is whether they did that when they started out. They definitely didn’t. They focused on building their brands first. Once they were familiar to millions, they got to a position where they would get away with such moves.

Do it the same way as a startup. Focus on building an incredible brand first.


People always need someone to lead them. Being a good leader allows you to command incredible authority. A smart blogger strives to have excellent leadership qualities. Naturally, people follow great leaders.

Here are some great ways to lead as a blogger:

  • Research and verify everything: A good leader is 100% sure that the content he posts is factual. Readers will always come to you for information and even to buy your products since whatever you tell them actually works.
  • Remain confident: Stand by what you believe in. People can actually read your confidence in your content.
  • Innovate: Market leaders always innovate. They either come up with new things or find better ways to give simple solutions to complex problems. Always be innovative and keep testing the results of your creativity.
  • Inspire: Life is hard, at least to most people. A leader strives to inspire people and keep them going. Take it up as your duty to be a source of great inspiration to other people who are heavily burdened by life’s struggles. After all, your blog should be a source of solutions to their problems.


How exactly do you succeed in blogging? It’s easy to find information on how to host, where to register your domain, how to install WordPress and which theme is currently hot in the market. However, success is in the details. Follow the tips above to ensure that your blog is way more than the average blog.

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