The Significance of Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club in City’s History


Overlooking the Creek and Marina, the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, has a unique space in the city’s history. The club which was home to the first golf academy in the Middle East is, in fact, the only sporting clubhouse in the world, to be featured on the back of a country’s currency note (Dh20).

This uniquely sail-shaped clubhouse is known for its grand architecture symbolic of Dubai’s seafaring tradition.

The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, located in the heart of Dubai, opened its gates in 1993. The sporting oasis boasts of an 18-hole par 71 championship golf course. It is a host to several golfing tournaments and events. The clubhouse designed mirroring the sails of the traditional Arab dhow is very well-known as it captures the city’s tradition, as well as presenting a blend of the new and the old.  To further add to its popularity, it has also been listed as the eight most well-known Clubhouses in’s recent listing of The 18 Most Iconic Clubhouses.

Making its mark in history

Located on the Deira side of Dubai Creek, where Dubai’s history began, the Dubai Creek Club occupies a special place in Dubai’s history. Efforts were made by the former ruler of Dubai Sheikh Saeed and his son Sheikh Rashid, the former Vice President of the UAE and former Ruler of Dubai, in the middle of the 20th century, to improve the creek facilities. Finally, the city’s fortune took a turn for the better with boats no longer needing to wait for the high tide. They eventually moved away towards the port of Jebel Ali, following which, the golf course came up alongside the creek. Post the construction of the golf course, the well-known clubhouse, restaurants, and the gym came into existence.

Reminiscent of the past, the clubhouse which is sail-shaped, bearing similarity to an Arabian dhow is still a popular landmark in the city today. Featured at the back of the Dh20 note, the picture of the building instantly reminds you of the maritime history and tradition of Dubai and reflects the vision with which the clubhouse was erected.

Playing golf at the Dubai Creek Club

The Club offers a unique golfing experience to amateurs and professionals alike. With the recent recognition by’s list of 18 Most Iconic Clubhouses in the World, Dubai Creek, and Golf Yacht Club has earned a significant place on the international golfing map.

It is to be noted that it is the only club in the Middle East to make it to the list.  Hotel Park Hyatt Dubai located in the premises is an exotic retreat to the golf lovers across the globe. Booking a course in advance here comes easy with websites like GolfLan offering to book them online for you at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club online.  

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