Move Over, LBD! Little White Dresses Are in the Spotlight

Move Over, LBD! Little White Dresses Are in the Spotlight

If you love going out to parties and turning heads with your gorgeous style, you probably have plenty of little black dresses already hanging in your closet. Why not change things up a bit and add a little white dress to the mix?

While all the other women wear their usual black numbers, you’ll enjoy a virtual spotlight shining on you wherever you go when you don a sexy white dress. And just like black, white is a color that goes well with virtually all colors and accessories, and it flatters all body types.

Be bold! You don’t go to the club to be a wallflower, right? If you don’t believe it’s possible for white dresses to look utterly beautiful on anyone but a bride, think again. Check out the amazing examples below. Special thanks to Tobi for allowing their images to be used in this article!

Heat Wave

Scalloped edges give this dress an original look, and the barely-there spaghetti straps combined with a deep V neckline help show off your chest. It’s a simple look perfect for summer parties or for a hot night at the club. Dress it up or down with a selection of accessories.

Take a Second Look

This dress is for the daring among us, or for anyone who wants to channel her inner Shakira. The off-the-shoulder crop top gives you plenty of freedom to show off your best moves on the dance floor. Or, you could wear this little number to a beachside soiree. If you want to show off your rock-solid abs, this is the style for you!

Kadie Strapless

Maybe you’d rather show off your shoulders and keep your tummy covered? Then take a look at the Kadie Strapless dress. Your shoulders and neckline take center stage with this dress, and the perfect amount of ruffles help soften your curves. Pair this dress with a simple necklace that rests on your collarbone and serves as a focal point. Keep things quite up top, but go wild with bracelets, rings and, of course, a killer pair of heels.

Shortcut to Love

Cutout dresses are all the rage, but if you’re not comfortable with some of the bolder styles, try out this dress! Your arms will hide the simple cutouts along the side of this dress anyway, giving glimpses as you move around. This cutout style helps show off your curves, since they appear above your natural waistline. The simple, straight edges and slightly loose fit make this a versatile dress, perfect for casual outings but capable of being dressed up for a night on the town.

Made to Be Yours

With a deceptively simple design, this dress is the definition of pure beauty and elegance. Its top layer flutters and flows, while its bottom layer hugs your curves and provides great definition. This dress can be worn as-is around town whenever you want to pamper yourself, or it can easily be worn to formal events. And it can certainly hold up to a night of dancing.


Sometimes you need a dress that has a slightly more modest design but still manages to be flattering and sexy. The Misty dress fits the bill perfectly. With a longer skirt and a straight neckline, this dress is excellent for formal functions and can even be worn as “business attire” if accessorized appropriately. The slit on the skirt and the straps that cross in the back add simple touches of beauty.

Champagne Nights

Do you ever want to just shimmer and sparkle? You probably try to achieve that effect with your makeup already. And now you can complete the look with a gorgeous sequined dress! The dramatic cut on this little white dress will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, and all the light in the room will shine off of you brilliantly until all eyes are on you. But this dress’s great features don’t stop there. The back is super minimal, with thin straps crossing it for an ultra-sexy look. Take a peek at this dress from all angles here.

The Night Is Yours!

Now that you’ve seen the variety of styles little white dresses come in, it’s time to choose one for yourself and make a grand entrance. White dresses are easy to accessorize, as they go well with virtually any color or style. Find a white dress you love, add your favorite jewelry and heels, and see where the night takes you!

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