Light Up this Diwali with a Blend of Food and Decoration

Light Up this Diwali with a Blend of Food and Decoration

If somebody asks you to name the festival that is highly popular and celebrated widely with gusto in India, then your answer will definitely be Diwali. This festival of lights marks the termination of the exile period of Lord Rama.

It is believed that on this special day Lord Rama along with his spouse Sita and brother Laxman came back home in Ayodhya.

Diwali – Marks the Returning of Lord Rama

People being overwhelmed with joy decorated the town with lights and celebrated this grand occasion of the return of their majesty. From that day, Diwali is recognized to be a grand festival of lights. On this day, people light their houses with candles, earthen lamps and electrical lights mark the homecoming of Lord Rama.   

At the same time, along with lighting the house you may add colours to this festival by preparing some mouth watering recipes. The celebration will be incomplete if you do not have any delectable Diwali special sweets and snacks ready for your guests. Some of those mouth watering refreshments include coconut laddoo, shaahi tukda, mong dal laddu, kaju barfi and many more.

Diwali Recipe – Getting High Priority

On the eve of Diwali people use to decorate both interiors and exteriors of the house with flowers and other decorative lights. Along with it, new clothes are worn and the list of Diwali recipe gets the priority. Some the delighting and easy to cook cum good to taste food items include chakli, corn poha, chivda, nimki and sev.  

Also, gifts including new clothes are bartered among nearest and dearest ones. In order to mark the occasion with grandeur, the sky gets enlightened with varying colours and hues produced by the bursting of firecrackers. Especially children and now adults enjoy this festive evening with the help of crackers.

Special Cooking Class – Attended by Ladies

Diwali has proved to be a boom for shopkeepers as lots and lots of gifts are purchased to celebrate this occasion. Some organizations along with local bodies organize Diwali Fair from where you will get an exposure to some exclusively prepared handicrafts. Also, you will get to know about Diwali special recipe 2016 like Besan ki Papdi and many more by reputed chefs. The ladies attend special cooking classes to enhance their cooking skills.

However, how can you forget about Laxmi Puja, which is one of the vital aspects of Diwali? Diwali celebration commences by making the house neat and tidy to welcome and please Goddess Lakshmi. As per beliefs, she enters only into those houses that are spic and span and well decorated. There she bestows her blessings for wealth and prosperity.  She is invited from the core of the heart!

Special Preparation of Diwali Special Faral

After the puja gets over, people switch on to the preparation of Diwali special Faral, which is a well known collection of some exclusive food recipes. They enhance the grandeur of celebration by preparing items like paneer tikka, gujia, vermicelli and many more. Diwali is celebrated for a couple of days as it marks the victory of good over evil.

Most of the time it is celebrated around mid of November! If you are planning to join it, do not step back to doing the best. Wishing you a very Happy Diwali 2016!

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