Top 5 Family-Friendly Beaches in the US

Top 5 Family-Friendly Beaches in the US

What could go better with childhood than sand and water? The beach is the perfect combination for family fun and family memories. The best beach vacations have something for everyone and that doesn’t just include clean water and a sandy spot for sunbathing.

We’ve found some of the best beaches for a family vacation across the US. From accommodations to dining and entertainment, and beautiful water and sand, there is plenty to satisfy the whole family.

Coronado Beach, California

Coronado Beach is a two mile stretch of beautiful white sand and gentle water just over the bridge from downtown San Diego. The water is exciting enough for older kids to boogie board, body surf, or even surf for real, but overall gentle enough for younger kids as well. Add vigilant lifeguards and parents don’t have to worry.

Kids can also build sand castles in the clean sand and fly kites. For teens and tweens, there are 15 miles of trails for biking and roller blading, and plenty of spots for beach volleyball. Another interesting perk of this beach is its close location to a naval base. You can see military aircraft overhead, and sometimes the Navy Seals can be seen training close to the beach.

Siesta Key Beach, Florida

Siesta Key Beach is famed for what many consider to be the whitest and finest sand in the world. It is composed of 99% quartz, which makes it look and feel like you’re walking on powdered sugar. 

For younger kids, there are many playgrounds, and older kids can enjoy beach volleyball and tennis. Adults will be relieved to know that there are snack bars close, as well as shaded picnic areas.

Another thing Siesta Key Beach is known for are its wildlife sightings. Dolphins, manatees, egrets, and pelicans are common – and always a crowd pleaser.

Kiawah Beachwalker Park, South Carolina

Kiawah Beachwalker Park is located 20 miles south of Charleston. It’s a popular day trip destination with resort guests and day trippers, including a snack bar and chairs and umbrellas for rent. Aside from some serious bird chasing that regularly takes place there, it’s a quiet and calm spot with gentle surf that’s perfect for families with young children.

The barrier reef keeps the water calm at the shoreline and the sand is soft to the feet and clean. The beach retains its pristine condition due to the fact that the entire island, with the exception of this one beach that’s open to the public, is a private golf resort.

Hanalei Beach, Hawaii

Hanalei is a two-mile long, half-moon beach located on the north shore of the Island of Kauai, Hawaii. Nestled at the foot of Kauai’s famous emerald mountains and glittering waterfalls, it is a perfect place to soak up the sun on sugar white sand and take a dip in pristine blue-green waters.

The surf is calmer than much of Hawaii’s other beaches, so older kids interested in learning the time-honored beach tradition of surfing can get comfortable. It also makes a great swimming spot for younger kids, who can participate in boogie boarding and body surfing in a safe environment.

Besides surfing, families can enjoy all sorts of other water activities Hawaii has to offer, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and dolphin watching.

South Beach, Virginia

Image c/o SchuminWeb on Wikimedia Commons, published under CC BY-SA 3.0.

South Beach has the distinction of having the first beach playground in the country to accommodate kids with physical disabilities, and this shows the beach’s dedication to families of all kinds. You won’t find flashy boardwalk trappings here. Instead, it boasts restaurants, hotels, and motels, and live music in the summer for families. On the other side of the boardwalk are tame waters for swimming, kayaking, and even a chartered cruise.

Final Word

Whatever beach you choose, any from this list will give your family the chance to make lasting memories. It’s not impossible to find a beach vacation with something for everyone in the family, and you don’t have to settle for just sand and water.

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