The All in One – All file Types, All Devices Data Recovery Software

The All in One - All file Types, All Devices Data Recovery Software

If you’re reading this piece, I already know couple things about you. First, you’ve a corrupted device, a USB stick, a memory card or a hard-disk probably, and second that you googled something like “free recovery software” to get to this page.

That being said let me tell you that’s exactly what I’ll be giving you on this page. A data recovery software that’s best at what it does.

Now I’ve had couple encounters with the hundreds of other tools out there, but nope 90% of the times those are just hoax, I mean I didn’t get my files back, but if I’m investing my time in here to write this review, you probably already know the tool would be worth it, right?

So let’s get started with the basics.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Software:-

EaseUS Data Recovery is the one stop solution when it comes to data recovery. Well nope I’m not saying that because I’m trying to sell the product to you guys (maybe, I am! But well there’s reason for that!)

It recovers more than just photos and videos deleted from your USB drives:-

  • If you accidentally delete your data!
  • If you were attacked by a Virus.
  • If your Hard Disk was damaged.
  • If your OS crashed somehow.
  • If a certain drive of your hard disk was corrupted.

And couple more scenarios. So see? Me claiming it to be an “all in one” solution wasn’t an exaggeration after all now, was it?

Which Devices can EaseUS Data Recovery Software be used with?

Well yeah if you were wondering that it might not work with a specific device of yours, let me tell you you’re wrong, and I don’t even need to know which device you are talking about to say that.

That’s because EaseUS supports a wide variety of devices, probably almost every kind of device that there is:-

  • USB Drives
  • Memory Cards.
  • Digital Camera
  • Hard Drives
  • External Hard Drives.
  • And quite a few others!

So in other words, EaseUS data recovery recovers every kind of file, from every kind of device. If that’s not an all in one solution, I don’t know what is.

Insight into EaseUS Data Recovery Software:-

So okay the dashboard looks something like this upon installation.

  1. Now this is where you select the type of files you want to recover. If you ask me, I’d say it’s pretty illustrative and user friendly. Even the next screen is pretty good, you just select the drive you’re having problem with and you click on “scan”!
  2. Now the good news is, you actually get to Preview the files before downloading! Well yup the right pane on the screen helps you do that! As you can see I’ve the files I wanted to recover, and it took less than 20 seconds! (I know, it’s kinda fast, right?)
  3. Deep Scan: It even features a deep scan option, so that if for some reason your file wasn’t recovered, you can get it back using a more “deeper” method/scan! (I don’t know what else to call it!)

The Best Features I Found:-

This being a review, I’d just like to mention why I’m writing it about this tool and not some high-end, thousand dollar product.

First, it’s FREE! Well yeah that’s the beauty of it.  Download it right now! 

Second, it’s fast!  As I already said, it took less than 20 seconds to recover over 300mb’s of my data!

Third, it’s Simple! The process? It’s as easy as: – Start > Select Corrupted Drive > Scan > Done! Even if I was a 5th grade dropout, I could figure out how this thing works.

Final Verdict:-

So well all I can say is, for a free product, the kind of simplicity and super-power it offers us, is pretty amazing!

I can recover just about any kind of file as you might have seen from the dashboard, and I can use it with almost any kind of situation, be it a virus attack or an accidental delete.

So I don’t understand how someone can not go for it! Afterall, it’s free recovery software, right? What have you got to loose?

It’s offering you so much, for so little (basically just 15mb’s of data is all you’ve got to spend!) Well did I mention? It’s lightweight too! 15mbs is all it weighs!

So go out there and give it a try right now!

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