The Oh-so-Awesome Casio Shines on

The Oh-so-Awesome Casio Shines on

They say happy girls shine brighter, and I know just what you need to max out your happiness and bring on the ultimate sheen –a bedazzling ticker.

It’s no secret that we women just can’t get enough of glitter and sparkle. And while we go all out to conquer all the jewellery in the world, a brilliant line of ornamented timepieces is just waiting to conquer our hearts. Ladies, your wait to attain the highest order of sparkle ends here, with Casio’s exquisite ‘Sheen’ collection.

Are you ready to unlock a whole new level of lustrous resplendence?

The Sheen Collection by Casio watches brings you some of the most vibrant and versatile designs encrusted with glorious Swarovski crystals through and through. I’ve put together some of my personal favourites that can work for women with different styles and needs, but if you want a better look at the line (which you definitely will, I guarantee it!), then just head over to websites of authorised online retailers like Ethos Watch Boutiques to check out Casio watches and prepare to level up your sparkle.

To give you a taste of what’s waiting for you; here are some shiny, shimmery and sublimely stunning models:

Casio Sheen SHE-3043PG-9AUDR

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. But, let me just go ahead and say that you can sure as heck turn it up a few notches if you’ve got a beautiful little crystal encrusted timepiece by your side. The crystals from a lovely circle around the bezel, on the dial, and not to miss, line the rose gold links on the strap as well. Get all the glitz and glam you’ve always wanted right here in this precious timepiece!

Casio Sheen SHE-4800G-7AUDR

Strap on this bedazzling ticker and you’re sure to shine brighter than the sun, especially when the gold-plated band and casing make it all the more lustrous. Give your wrist a dose of sophisticated and powerful timekeeping, and watch your life blossom with a refreshing sheen. Embrace the feminine spirit in all its radiant glory!

Casio Sheen SHE-4805BSG-1AUDR

Apart from the characteristic crystals of the Sheen collection, what really sets apart this model is its playful interaction of colours. The black and gold design creates a powerful and inspiring impact that just marks the passage of time in such a bold and beautiful way.

Casio Sheen SHN-3011SG-7ADR

This two-tone rose gold and steel beauty just goes to prove that classic design inspirations can never go out of style. It’s just the right choice for the kind of woman who likes her tickers to be high on functionality and fashion. The 41.5mm dial displays the day and date beautifully. And when you’ve got on this beauty, you can forget about adding any more accessories to your ensemble, this gorgeous creation will take care of your complete look just fine.

Casio Sheen SHE-4800L-7AUDR

The colour white has always evoked a sense of purity, perfection, and peace; and Casio watches go to show how true it rings in this delightful little number. Donning it will just bring out such a positive vibe that you’ll be left exalting in pristine beauty.

While this model has a delicate 35mm case, you can exude the brilliance of white design in this bigger 45mm design as well:

Casio Sheen SHE-3023L-7ADR

The purity of white blends perfectly with the playfulness of this chunky, slightly rugged design to create a lovely dichotomy of the dainty and hardy.

As for those of you who like to keep the dazzle to a bare minimum, we haven’t forgotten about you! Here’s a simple design with just the right amount of sparkle for a subdued yet stylish statement:

Casio Sheen SHE-4501D-1ADR

If compact and classy is your game, this delicate model is made just for you. This small and simple 37mm casing features a unique square design with a set of two crystals along every side. It’s a great look for the working woman, but if you’ve got party plans for the night, this beauty will rock the party just the same!

Let’s mix it up now, what say, ladies? Let the traditional colours and metals make room for an element of saucy oomph from the house of Casio.

Casio Sheen SHE-3046GLP-7BUDR

Casio watches bring to the table a foxy style with the red leather band and rose gold casing on this ravishing model. A single crystal marks every hour on the bezel to add just a little bit of glitz.

But now if you’re the kind of girl who brings her own sparkle with a quirky sense of style, then you don’t need any crystals to get you there! This super funky little number will have you covered:

Casio Sheen SHE-4047PGL-9AUDR

Don’t these dazzling tickers just make the sparks fly? With a stunning Casio timepiece clasped around your wrist, your time to shine is now, ladies!

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