How to Improve the Quality of Your Day in Under 1 Hour

How to Improve the Quality of Your Day in Under 1 Hour

Having a bad day? Or a string of bad days? Need a boost? Something that you can do before the kids get home? Or during your one hour of freedom after you come home from work and before your brain shuts down for the day?

We hear you. And you’re not asking for the impossible. Here are some ways to improve the rest of your day, all of which can be done within the space of an hour.

  1. Re-figure your office set up.

It could be that the reason you hate your office life is because your desk setup is a literal pain in the back and neck. But your back painfree at the office is something that should, by all rights, be yours. And it is possible. Chances are you just need a few tweaks to your set up.

Take note of the following: When sitting at your desk, make sure your feet are (toe and heel) on the floor. Your forearms should rest at a 90 degree angle on the desk. Your computer screen should be at eye level. That means you should not have to tilt your head downward to see your screen. Any tilt to your head causes pressure to your neck and shoulder muscles that will accumulate and cause you to be a very unhappy worker. Optimizing your desk area will improve your time at the office by leaps and bounds. Imagine actually being comfortable as you work!

  1. Make a date with a friend.

You’re busy. We know that. Your friends know that. But it’s a poor excuse for not catching up with your friends. Call your best friend up and arrange for drinks later on in the week. Or text your friend and see if she’s available for a chat during your commute home. Friendships are a support system and can help stabilize you if you’re feeling down. If you’ve been feeling down about work or some other drama in your life, having a listening ear is a vital aspect of dealing with it. We know you’re strong enough to handle things on your own, but having a good friend means that you don’t have to. You have people in your corner. Don’t ignore them. 

  1. Go for a stroll.

A little fresh air and a brisk walk outside have been touted by the brightest minds as being the best kind of cure for a wide range of dark moods. Why? When you take a walk, your body releases feel-good chemicals throughout your system. Mayo Clinic says that walks are also great for reducing depression.

And even if you aren’t depressed, there are few who would pass up on a chance to feel even better. Right? So the next time you need a mood lift, head outdoors. Bring a friend, or a spouse, or a pet. It is rare to find something that is both physically good for you, as well as mentally and emotionally enjoyable. Grab this one and run with it.

  1. Take a cat nap.

When all else fails, take a cat nap. There is a reason that the siesta has remained a cultural mainstay in countries throughout Europe and Latin America. The body is hardwired to slowdown midday. Fighting through that midday drowsiness won’t help you be more effective at work. But a nap will. Even just a 10 minute snooze is said to increase mental alertness and memory performance. And very importantly, napping resets your mood. It gives you a break from reality. And when you wake up, you do so feeling refreshed and ready to get back to it.

You can take steps to revitalize your day, even when the day is half over. Life is precious, and you only get so many days to treasure. Use these tips to increase the quality of your days and enjoy life to the full.

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