DIY – How to Clean AMG Wheels

DIY - How to Clean AMG Wheels

As the high-performance division of Mercedes Benz, Mercedes-AMG has made a huge mark in the world of automobiles thanks to its:

  • More stable vehicles.
  • Higher performing cars.
  • Stronger design lines and
  • Solidly built fittings and accessories too.

It does stand to logic to buy only the best quality wheels for your Merc and then spend a bit of time taking care of them and keeping it clean as well. It is interesting to see that there are plenty of DIY solutions out there.

Soap and water

Some auto experts state that the best and easiest way to keep your wheels clean is to wash them regularly with soap and water. This could be a useful thing to do if your AMG wheels have a coating on them that plays a protective role as well. However, do be sure not to use harsh, chemical-rich soaps. Plus, do not use harsh scrubs to remove the suds.

Here are some more tips:

  • Use a soft mitt, meant specifically for your wheels alone.
  • Soap solution will be effective but be sure to get all the solution off while washing down your car.
  • Keep a separate set of washcloths for this job otherwise you risk getting brake dust residue on the rest of your car.

Pressure wash

You could also invest in a hose pipe that comes with a pressure nozzle. This way you can adjust the pressure and the direction of the water flow to get every bit of grime and grease out of your wheels. In most cases, using a rag cloth to then reach the hard-to-reach places manually is enough to get the job done. You could also invest in a sprayer bottle that can hold your cleaning solution and help spray it in the inner portions of your wheels as well.


You could also invest in a set of wheel brushes to help you along. There are three, broadly speaking, parts to a wheel:

  • The easy part is the face of the wheel that looks outwards.
  • The most difficult part is the wheel barrel which is the innermost area.
  • The middle portion is all the openings of the lug nuts – difficult to reach but not as much as the wheel barrel.

For detailing the wheel face, choose gentle bristles and a brush with a long handle. You could also check for the length of the bristles – they have to be really long. For the lug nuts, you could use the same brush or go in for a brush that is narrower. For the wheel barrel, go for a brush that has soft bristles but more importantly has rubber or soft plastic coating on the rod and the handle. This way, you will not scratch any portion of your wheel.

It is good to clean your wheels regularly simply because the buildup of brake dust can prove to be very detrimental to the wheel. While there is no avoiding the buildup of brake dust, you can certainly wash it off thoroughly and keep your wheels shiny as new.

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