Which is The Best Neckline for your Body Shape?

Which is The Best Neckline for your Body Shape

Do you know your body type? Do you know the best neckline for your body shape? There are many women who dress badly, not because they have a poor sense of fashion but because they do not know their body shape. You could be making the same mistake too. The first step to stepping out of the house and turning heads is by dressing according to your body shape.

Many ladies focus on the torso and forget the neckline, yet the neckline will help in accentuating the neck and your face thus making you more attractive or not. Dressing your bust and your neckline is very important and you must keep in mind your neck length, height, face shape and of course your bust size.

The following are the main necklines you must know about:

1). V-neckline

Everyone knows this neckline including school going children. You know it too. However, do you known how to dress in a v-neckline? The V-neckline always gives a vertical impression to the outfit worn. Wear a V results in a leaner, taller and longer silhouette.

It draws the eyes upwards to the face elongating the neck and the whole body. It creates a balance and is therefore universally flattering. Persons with short necks, broad shoulders, and thick torsos will look the best with the V-neckline. Petite persons can still wear v-necklines comfortably. If you are bustier, avoid deep v-necklines.

The v-neckline is therefore highly recommended for busty ladies, full figured ladies, as well as ladies with short necks, square jaws, round face and broad shoulders.

2). The turtleneck

Latest designer blouses with high necklines or turtlenecks are gaining prominence. The extended and almost tightfitting high collar of the necklines create fuller necks. The best turtleneck should be a few inches from your chin if you wish to offset a long neck or face. If space is not allowed, a floating neck effect is created and this is unfashionable.

If you intend to wear a turtleneck, it is advisable that you fold it and adjust the length or resort to turtlenecks with collars or more details or accents. The turtleneck is therefore considered appropriate for ladies with a thin neck, long face, square body, narrow shoulders, and small busts.

3). Square neckline

The decollete and the collarbone regions of the woman body are considered very alluring. Open and square necklines make you look leaner and longer. This neckline suits every woman under the sun but looks much better on bustier women.

Younger women with firmer and great skin look ravishing in square necklines too. Basically, this neckline elongates a shorter neck. It is a perfect fit for round-faced women, pear shaped as well as ladies with thick necks.

4). Scoop neckline

This is perfect for all women and all body shapes but highly recommended for hourglass shapes, long faces, narrow shoulders, short necks or ladies wishing to create the illusion of having a larger bust. Basically, it beautifully displays the collarbone elongating short or thick necks. Busty ladies should avoid wide scoops.

5). Sweetheart neckline

Accentuates cleavage and they are highly recommended for busted ladies, ladies with short chins/neck, angular faces or petite women with narrow shoulders and small breasts.

6). Strapless

Wear tops and dresses with a strapless neckline if you have a medium sized bust, well-toned arms, good shoulders and a long neck.

In conclusion:

You cannot wear every neckline comfortable and it is important for you to know your best features and how best to dress your body. Use this list to wear the right tops or dresses at all times to formal and informal events.

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