7 Terrific Tips on Instagram Stories That Can Maximize Your Reach & Visibility

7 Terrific Tips on Instagram Stories That Can Maximize Your Reach & Visibility

Instagram has just taken sharing photos and videos to the next level. The photo-sharing service announced a new feature – Instagram Stories. This feature lets you share your favorite moments, which can be viewed within 24 hours.

What makes Stories more different is the fact that it doesn’t interrupt your feed. Even though Stories is a cool feature in itself, you can still make the feature more fun and easy to maximize your reach with the help of these hacks.

1). Press Down The Screen To Pause A Story

Someone is at the door, and you are watching an Instagram Story, what will you do? You can pause the story by pressing it down and take a look at it within 24 hours when you are free.

2). The ‘Settings’ Option Can Aid You In Taking Control Of Your Story

Instagram Stories – Settings

You get to choose and pick who can view it as well. You can also decide whether you want your followers commenting on the stories. You can opt to make the comments available by tapping and users get to send you Direct Messages from here. You can choose it if feedback is of great importance to you.

3). Got Videos And Images On Your Camera Roll? Pull The Screen Down

You can only choose the pics that you have captured in the previous 24 hours. But, this is a great option if you want to share a moment or an event that happened earlier the same day. You can also upload photos taken using Hyperlapse and Boomerang if it’s from the last 24 hours.

4). Do You Want To Know How Good Your Story Is Performing? Swipe Up

It is natural to be curious about the engagement your Instagram Stories are getting. The best part is that only you can access this information. Thus, it becomes a platform to share a part of your daily life rather than an online popularity contest. You can receive the feedback through Instagram Direct instead of comments or likes.

5). View Other Stories By Swiping Right Or Left

(It is easy to jump to different Instagram Stories)

While going through Instagram Stories, swipe to the right or left of your screen to jump to the stories after and before the one you are currently viewing.

6). Love Your Stories? It Doesn’t Have To Be Gone After A Day

Your story won’t automatically feature on the feed, but, it can if you let it. There is a separate section for stories on your Instagram app, and you can choose to share a particular story to your feed. You will be able to post from here directly by taking a look at who all viewed it and by clicking the icon in the center.

7). Unleash Your Creativity By Selecting From A Variety Of Options

(Thought bubbles are one of the popular features of Instagram Stories)

We all love drawing on Instagram photos. Here, you will be able to view a selection of colors that you can put into use. Press and then hold on these colors to avail a lot of other options as well. You can change your line width by tapping on the bottom left icon as well. Instagram stories also let you add polka dots, stripes and thought bubbles as well.

Instagram Stories are phenomenal since it doesn’t clog your feed. The feature helps you to share one solid moment that can summarize an entire event like a summer trip or birthday party. That too, without hindering the feeds of your followers. Instagram Stories feature can also facilitate you chatting with more people as people can give feedback through Instagram Direct. Moreover, you get a platform to be creative by adding doodles and texts to your Instagram Stories. If you are attached a particular story, the app provides you an option to save it as well.

Even though getting views on Instagram is important, Instagram Stories can aid you in sharing that one moment close to your heart without disturbing the peace in your virtual world. In short, you can be creative and give your photos more life before uploading them to your daily Instagram wrap-up.

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