5 Tips for Dad to Secure their Children’s Health

5 Tips for Dad to Secure their Children’s Health

As a man, there is no greater happiness in life, other than the one of becoming a father. It is an unspoken rule that parents look after their children, making sure that they are healthy, happy and thriving. For all great dads out there, who are interested in securing their children’s health, we have gathered some useful tips to try out.

Keep in mind that children are not small adults, and they require your constant guidance, not only to stay healthy but also to grow up, in a beautiful and one-of-a-kind manner.

1). Cooking at home

In the age of speed, it can be tempting to choose fast food in favor of home-cooked meals. However, you have to keep in mind that children are still developing, and they need proper food, to stay healthy. Cooking at home can be a fun experience, teaching kids how to be responsible and take care of themselves at the same time. Kids love being involved in such projects, no matter how small their assignment might be. Plus, they will love seeing the end product and, why not, tasting it. Bonus: when you cook at home, you are more likely to choose healthy food items, as opposed to ordering out or buying fast food.

2). Fruits & Vegetables

It is a known fact that children learn by example. If you want your kids to welcome fruits and vegetables in their lives, then you have to eat them on a regular basis as well. The daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables ensures a high fiber diet, which is beneficial for both you and your kids. Make sure that you prepare differently, colorful meals, so that your kids do not become bored and refuse the food you have made. Also, keep in mind that fruits are best consumed fresh and ripe, to deliver the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.

Recommended fruits for children include apples, berries, bananas, melons, mandarins, and kiwis. As for vegetables, any of the following are suitable: carrots, celery, bell peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower. On the other hand, you should refrain from giving your kids fruit juices, as these are rich in sugar and low in fiber.

3). Sport with dad

For a lot of children, the dad is the one associated with sports and physical activity in general. Whenever you have some free time available, do not spend your afternoons watching TV. Instead, take your kids out for a walk. Go skating, play basketball or visit the public swimming pool. Listen to your children and try to take them somewhere fun. Always make sure that they are given the possibility to choose so that they enjoy the physical activity as well. And, remember, engaging children in sports from a young age is more than recommended, as it builds their self-esteem and helps them stay healthy at the same time.

4). No smoking

As an adult, you have complete liberty to do what you want. But, at the same time, you have to think about your actions and the consequences they might have. Smoking is not only harmful to you, as a parent, but also for your children, as they are breathing the same air as yourself. By choosing not to smoke, you are taking one of the best decisions, teaching your children that one can quit bad habits. At the same time, you will ensure that you will stay healthy for a prolonged period, watching your kids grow up and turn into responsible adults.

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5). Proper hygiene

Dads are role models for children, especially when it comes to boys. However, even if you have a girl, this does not mean you should not assume the responsibility of teaching her proper hygiene. Hand washing is an essential activity for children to learn, as it can reduce the spreading of various conditions with a significant proportion. Children should be taught how to wash their hands and, most importantly, when (before and after eating, after going to the toilet, after playing with pets, etc.).

These are only a couple of tips through which dads can ensure that their children maintain an excellent state of health. It is essential to remember and understand that children look up to their parents, taking them on as role models. Dads often find themselves in the center of attention, so it is their responsibility to ensure that they are useful examples to follow.

As a parent, you will always have something new to learn. Do not be afraid to adapt to each new situation and seek out to develop the best interest of your child/children. If you eat healthy foods, it is guaranteed that your kid will follow the example you have set and enjoy a good state of health as well.

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Annie Lizstan

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Annie. As a dad of two, I can definitely confirm that becoming a father is the greatest thing. I have created a life where I can work from home and home school my kids while my wife works outside of our home, so I’m responsible for most of their daily care and education. It is very satisfying and I love spending all this time with them. Your 5 points are all spot-on.