Watch Out! How You Can Be Caught Out When You Don’t Listen To Your Body

Watch Out! How You Can Be Caught Out When You Don't Listen To Your Body

We use our bodies everyday. We get up, we walk, we talk. We are always doing something. Even if it’s just sat watching television or reading a book. Our minds and bodies are always being used. Which is why we can get caught out when we don’t listen to them.

Often our bodies will let us know when something isn’t right, but do we really listen? This is why I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of things to identify when it comes to your body

Ignoring recurring symptoms

Our bodies have a clever way of telling us something isn’t right. But more often than not we don’t listen to them. We simply ignore them or put them down to something else. But in many cases this leads to further complications. Some illnesses, like cancer, when not spotted soon enough can be fatal.

This is why it’s so important to look out for warning signs. Of course, you can’t be heading to the doctor with every upset or symptom. I understand that. But these are things that are unusual, and consistent. For example, unusual bleeding, bloating, or pain. Tumours can often go unnoticed for some time, especially sarcoma which people like Daniel C Allison specialise in.

Not resting when you clearly need a break

If you are finding it difficult to concentrate, your short of breath, or even your mood is being effected you could be struggling with fatigue. Our bodies will identify when we clearly need a break but many of us ignore this and carry on. Fatigue can lead to problems like stress or concentration issues. All of which can have bad effects on us or others. Consider how you feel.

Not taking into consideration your mental state

Our mental health is one of the biggest things we ignore. Often when we feel down or experience low mood we can put it down to being one of those things. But if you find you seem to be low more often than happy then you could be struggling with depression. Undiagnosed this can have a huge impact on your life. Sometimes you need to identify when you feel sad, and what could be causing it.

Continuing a poor diet

A poor diet can lead on to many health problems if conitied. We can put on additional weight, have bad skin problems. All of which can lead on to mental health issues, or issues with movement. Additional weight can have an effect on our organs in our bodies. Like our heart or lungs. It’s vital to have a healthy balanced diet.

A lack of fitness can have a bad effect

If you are unfit and struggle with exercise then this may cause you health problems in the future. Our bodies will make us aware of we are tired or out of breath. However, simple things like running up the stairs shouldn’t be an issue. If you find yourself struggling with breathlessness or low fitness try and work on those levels to improve your overall health.

I hope this has given you more of an idea on the thing to look out for.

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