Cherami – Fun New App for Creating Love eCards

Cherami - Fun New App for Creating Love eCards

There have always been many ways to express love, friendship and other warm feelings towards another person, but this multitude of expressions has grown even more in the digital age. Today we don’t even have to be in the same city to show someone we care in matter of a few minutes!

One tool for this beautiful purpose is Cherami.Cards. It’s a free ecards maker that has just recently been launched, and though the makers are planning to have many different thematic card makers within the platform, they chose to start with this romantic theme. Of course, users can use it to make all sorts of cards, not just romantic ones, because the tool allows uploading images and designs that can follow any theme and any emotion they want.

So, let’s see what Cherami is about.

1) Head over to their website and click on the heart that says Love it. This will appear:

The upper wheel is sort of like a command menu where you can choose different design features for your ecard.

Below you’ll see a variety of shapes for your card. There are more than what this screenshot shows, so it’s the best to explore the options on your own. To start creating your card, you need to select a shape first.

2) After you’ve chosen your shape, click on Border. There you can choose the color and pattern of your card’s border, if you want. By clicking on the x next to “border” and “pattern” you can remove these features if you don’t like them.

3) Now click on the Background. Similarly to the Border option, you can now choose among offered backgrounds and colors.

4) The next step is Graphics. Click on that option and choose among cute illustrations that are offered there. When the illustration you chose is inserted into your card, you’ll see two arrows on top which you can use to resize or reposition your graphic element.

5) If you don’t like any of the images provided by Cherami, you can click on the Upload option and upload any other image from your computer. It can be a photo of you and your friend or something else romantic or meaningful.

6) Finally, write your message. Click on the Text option, write your words in the empty field where it says “Your text” and then more options will appear that will help you personalize your text.

After you finish exploring fonts and choose the color for your words, you’ll be all set with your ecard.

Click on the Save button above your design, and then you’ll have the option of sharing it in a few different ways. You can instantly post it on any of your social media pages, or you can quickly send it as an email attachment to your loved one.

If you like what you see, head over to and start designing beautiful ecards for your friends!

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