Smart Home Tech Gadgets That are worth of Your Money

Smart Home Tech Gadgets That are worth of Your Money

The advent of smart technology has given birth to profound changes in our living environment. While still in its infancy, this booming frontier has a plethora of possible applications, be it security, convenience, or sheer awesomeness.

Just consider the possibility to use your smartphone to manipulate the space around you, and make a bunch of gadgets and devices bow to your will. However, this is a rather costly adventure, making sound purchasing choices paramount.

Amazon Echo

Personal assistants serve as smart home centerpieces, and Amazon Echo is among the best products money can buy. The virtual minion “Alexa” is likable and helpful, and coupled with a voice-activated smart speaker. She may feature the futuristic looks, but practicality and accessibility are her main characteristics.

This amazing device can bring you up to speed with the latest headlines, set daily timers, play your favorite music, turn the lights out, and even tell a joke. The prudence of investment is rooted in this versatility— why purchase a host of smart gadgets when there is one that can rule them all?

Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart technology has enabled us to take the energy efficiency to the next level. The mainspring of this endeavor is a third-gen, beautifully-designed Nest Learning Thermostat. It has a better resolution and a larger display than its predecessors, and mounts a cutting-edge, far-field sensor.

The build-in tech still relies on the data harnessed from motion patterns and algorithmic calculations in to create a custom temperature schedule. Manual tweaks in the Nest app run like clockwork, allowing users to save a lot of money on utility bills.

August Smart Lock 2.0

The Market is flooded with stunning security gadgets, but August Smart Lock stands out from the crowd. It’s easy to install, and also dependable once it becomes the front door guardian. This kind of measure is sure to thwart even the seasoned burglars, so there’s no need to spend money on other safety instruments.

The interaction with physical hardware is smooth, and the user-friendly software is capable of integrating with Siri, Nest and Works. The design is sleek and discreet, as you place the Lock on the inside of the door.

Kidde PI2010 Smoke Detector

Sometimes, the true dangers lurk inside of your home. What you need is a full-featured carbon monoxide detector, which can alert you when fast-burning and smoldering fires arise. Kidde PI2010 holds dual-sensor capabilities, top-notch support, and interconnectivity with other Kidde devices.

This hardwired device comes with a 10-year warranty, and multi-threat functionality, making it the best of the best in the market.  Just bear in mind you might have to call the pros, as installation requires the proper tools, even equipment such as durable work platform or ladders.

Belkin’s Crock-pot

No room should be exempt from the smart home transformation. The kitchen is the place of a small revolution in cooking, where Belkin Crock-Pot reigns supreme. This smartphone-compatible slow cooker is controlled via WeMo app, which is to say that you can adjust the setting from anywhere you please.

There is a host of other functions like receiving reminders, changing the temperature and time, as well as receiving status on your dish. This is obviously something that will please people who cook often, but anyone can benefit from savings in the food department.

Sleep Number C2 Bed

Finally, we come to the shrine of relaxation and rest— the bedroom. Here, the Sleep Number C2 Bed watches over you as you drift away to the dreamland, and keeps track of breathing, heart-rate and movement.

This data is utilized for making recommendations on how to adjust your habits and prolong the time you spend with the eyes shut. So, there’s no need for fitness trackers to double as sleep monitors anymore. At last, a customizable mattress is a special treat as it allows you to customize each side and achieve sublime coziness.

Home, smart home

The smart home ecosystem is expanding, and getting more intelligent with each passing day. The time is right to assemble a connected home experience, so don’t hesitate to acquire a central home system that does the heavy lifting and makes your life much easier.

Instead of wasting time and money on pulling together a high-tech living environment with dozens of different gadgets, opt for on-point solutions that make a real difference. Add fine layers of safety and comfort, and welcome the future on your doorsteps.

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