Role of Content in SEO

Role of Content in SEO

In the Internet world, content has always been the undisputed king. Long before SEO became a “household” name among Internet users, content has always driven the Internet. Search engine optimisation (SEO) and content go hand in hand. For organic SEO that offers long term results, content forms the core of strategy. Although SEO involves a lot more than just content, the fact remains that you cannot have an effective long term strategy without quality content.

In the recent past, there has been a lot of confusion about SEO and content marketing. In fact, major online magazines including The Guardian ran articles that suggested that content marketing had almost overtaken SEO and that SEO will soon become a thing of the past. However, we beg to differ. SEO is content-based, but content marketing alone will not get you the kind of results you want from your digital marketing campaign.

SEO needs content



SEO is all about getting your website to rank high on the search engine rankings. This complex operations requires the use of keywords. While previously, websites got away with the random use of keywords on their pages, Google has now tightened its rules in order to give priority to quality sites. So, keywords need to be organically embedded into content so that it can be used in different places. Without content, SEO is not possible.

Link building

Another very important aspect of SEO is link building. This involves linking related links so that the target customers can be diverted from one website to another related website. Keywords usually form the route of links. Since, links need keywords and keywords need content, SEO needs content.

Traffic generation

Generating traffic is one of the main functions and objectives of SEO because more traffic implies a better search engine rank. However, Google is smart. It does not consider only the number of people visiting the website. It goes a step ahead and also considers the amount of time people spend on your website. In other words, visitor bounce rate matters. Lesser the bounce rate, better the SEO rank. Content is the key to increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website. If you have good content, people are going to stay longer and give a boost to your SEO efforts.

Content defines user experience

One of the major factors considered for search engine ranking is the kind of user experience your website creates for visitors. While the layout and presentation of your website is also important to create a positive user experience, content is what really leaves an impression.

Obviously, visitors come to your website for information and not to check out the website layout.

Versatile content boosts SEO

Content is not restricted to text. It is a very versatile entity and includes pictorial representations such as photographs, infographics, sketches and more. You can also have video content based on the need of your website. Such variation is more engaging for the people who visit your website as well.

Unfortunately, search engine spiders cannot read or “see” images. So, when you include images, you need to put in a tagline that contains the necessary keywords in a natural manner. Do not overcrowd the tagline with keywords.

Most importantly, do not embed the keywords within your video or image file because they won’t be recognised by search engine spiders.

Content on social media

Search engines consider the social mileage of your website when ranking. For instance, Bing considers the number of likes your content has got. Google considers the “+1″s. The number of times your content is shared is also a parameter for ranking.

So, you basically need content so that people can endorse it on social media and boost your SEO performance.

Fresh content boosts SEO

The primary ideology in creating search engine algorithms is to help people access high quality information that they seek online. For this, search engines use a parameter called “freshness index”. This is an index of how fresh or how new the content on your website it.

In a year, search engine spiders crawl several times over your website. If they find fresh set of content each time they visit, your website is likely to be ranked higher than before. Stagnant content won’t get you ahead in the rankings. So, you can use fresh content as a strategy to propel your SEO performance.

Content makes you unique

There are billions of websites and blogs on the Internet. Many of them have the same kind of layout and design, especially the ones that use templates. In such a scenario, what distinguishes you from the other business websites of your genre? The simple answer is content. Whether your layout matches some other website or not, you can always ensure that your content doesn’t match anyone else.

Why is it so important to be unique? It is because uniqueness is one of the parameters that search engines consider while ranking your website. Google has very strict plagiarism norms. In fact, sites that publish plagiarised content are blacklisted from the search pages. So, you can effectively use content to make yourself unique.

Content encourages interaction

In other words, content generates content. When you post articles and blogs, readers respond to it. These responses are also fresh content on your website. The best thing about the interaction is that one article or blog keeps generating responses for a pretty long time. So, you have active content on your website with just a few publications.

Since search engines consider the dynamism of your website, content can be used as a very effective way of improving your rankings on the search pages.

Content forms the crux of SEO in more ways than one. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the lion’s share of SEO strategy is based on content. So, investing in content creation can reap rich rewards for you. Get in touch with a SEO Lebanon company for a powerful strategy.

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