4 Ways to Winterproof your Workout

4 Ways to Winterproof your Workout

With Winter on the horizon, it’s only practical to start thinking about how you will stay fit during the colder months. If you have a particular preference for outdoor sports the prospect of heading indoors to stay fit will leave you feeling cold. It’s just not the same experience. The freedom of getting out on the open road can never be fully replicated. However, there are some ways you can ‘winterproof’ your favourite sports and routines until the warm months roll around.


Thermal sports kit can help you remain on the road for most of the winter. This will provide extra warmth so muscles can keep working hard. It’s best not to overdress with thick coats and jumpers as you will be left feeling damp and clammy. Ensure you choose a well fitted yet breathable fabric which can be layered under your usual workout wear.

It’s advisable to stick to well-trodden cycle paths during the winter, as the weather can wreak havoc on your bike. Replace your regular tyres with puncture resistant, hard wearing models.

In particularly icy weather, avoid the dangerously slippy roads and mount your road bike on rollers to continue using the frame indoors.


Not ready to give up chasing the surf or put the paddle board away? Despite of the challenging weather conditions, the Winter months is arguably the best time of year for water sports. The sea spray and choppy waters make many coastal resorts the perfect location for riding waves. Cold water wetsuits are an essential for hitting the beach during the winter months. Surf shoes and wetsuit hoods will provide extra protection against the chill. Safety is paramount, so follow coastguard or weather warning to avoid getting into dangerous waters.


It’s very important to ensure you get a proper warm up as chilly climates can increase the risk of injury. As with cycling, ensure you have thermal under layers and accessories to protect your extremities. Your summer running shoes probably won’t be sturdy enough, so research buying a pair with Goretex soles for maximum grip. Snowbanks and grey weather can make runners hard to see, so make sure you wearing reflective and bright clothing to get noticed by motorists. Carry a winter proof water bottle to stay hydrated as you will definitely still be working up a sweat- no matter how cold it gets.

If all else fails, try something new!

There’s nothing you can do to prevent heavy snow and ice. Don’t let a cold snap defeat your passion for sport. If you are an enthusiastic athlete it is important to maintain your conditioning and overall health. In the absence of your high powered routine, pay more attention to a nutrient rich diet.

The winter can always provide good opportunities to try a new sport such as indoor soccer or rock climbing. Try to pick sports that engage different muscles in the body. A team based sport will exercise team building and strategic skills that are often not used in solo sports.

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