2 Crucial Things to Keep in Mind When Determining the Right Preschool for Your Child

2 Crucial Things to Keep in Mind When Determining the Right Preschool for Your Child

Choosing the right preschool for your child is very important as it has a direct relationship with the future of your child. If the preschool is good, you can be rest assured of the proper training of your child. This is where most parents get confused. You can remove your confusion by asking friends who may have admitted their children to pre-schools. In this article, we are going to check out the points that you should keep in mind when looking for a preschool.

Ask questions

You must make sure that the preschool is in close proximity to your home or office. It is important to stay close to the school, in case you need to visit the school. Sometimes, when children are in a problem or are unwell, preschool authorities might call you to take your child home. In such circumstances, the sooner you reach your child, the better.

Also, ask your office, if they offer discounts for sending your child to certain schools.

Learn common terms in preschool system

Parents often get confused when they have to decide, which teaching philosophy they want their child to go through. There are various philosophies, some of which are stated below.

  • The Reggio Emilia Method – According to this philosophy, children are allowed to use their creativity and can explore to learn.
  • The Montessori Method – As per this method, children get to learn according to their learning abilities. Teachers assess children and teach them as per their capacity to understand their lessons.
  • The Bank Street Approach – Make sure that you know if the preschool follows the Bank Street Method where your child can learn from different perspectives. He or she can learn both from the natural world and in the classroom.
  • The Scope Approach – In this method, the teacher permits the child to learn according to his or her plan. Your little one can make a schedule and follow it throughout the day. At the end of the day, the teacher can ask your child to state the activities or lessons he or she has learned.
  • The Waldorf Method – As per this style, children can use their analytical skills, imaginative power and senses to learn. This practice is followed in many preschools in Pune. You can send your child to a day care school in Pune where they adhere to this practice.

You should also make yourself accustomed to some common terms used outside the school. They are as follows.

  • Teacher led – When a teacher creates a schedule and implements it in the class, it allows children to follow a structured way.
  • Child-oriented – In the event that you want your child to be able to learn as per his or her preferences, you can opt for the child-centered approach. Here, the teacher does not design the schedule as per the curriculum. Instead, she listens to the children and draws a schedule according to what they want to do. In fact, the children have the permission to choose topics of discussion or activities throughout the day.
  • Faith oriented – Some schools are run by churches or synagogues. These schools teach children the doctrines set down in their religious books.
  • Cooperative – If you, your family members or friends together volunteer to build a school, teach there, help in promoting it and assist in the school’s management, you are actually sending your little one to a cooperative setting.
  • Child led –In his approach, each child is allowed to learn as per his or her preferences. In this method, teachers do not adhere to a group system. Instead, they cater to the interests of individual students.

Keep yourself updated about the different terms used in preschools to make sure that you know which school you are sending your child to.

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