Nutrients That Your Body Always Needs For Natural Healing

The food you eat defines your health and your body’s resistance to every infection and sickness. A quick jump to a healthy diet is always recommended to recover from any illness or to boost your immune system.

Each of these highly nutritious foods that are much valued for good health contains specific nutrients that the body needs on a regular basis to nourish itself, and constantly heal all that needs a consistent recovery.

Nutrients That Your Body Always Needs For Natural Healing

  1. Water

Water is the most basic and essential requirement for our body on a daily basis, and it is vital to make effective the rest of the vitamins. 3 litres of water is the required quantity for an adult to ensure proper cleaning, transporting and functioning. While 60% Of our body consists of water, it shows the need to keep its level stable.

  1. Proteins

Proteins are essential for muscle growth, repair of the tissues and for providing adequate energy levels.  Fish, meat, beans, cheese, eggs, nuts are protein rich foods and they play a key role in your body’s healing process.

10-30% of protein intake everyday will provide enough for its share of functions; find natural alternatives other than supplements to meet the requirement in an organic way.

  1. Carbohydrates

It is a wrong assumption that avoiding carbohydrates in your diet is good for weight loss. Lack of carbs in your body can lead to many health issues. Fruits, vegetables, bread, grains, etc., are good sources of carbs; a properly regulated intake of carbs can help supply your body with the fibres it needs.

It avoids heart disease, provides our body with energy and maintains the blood glucose level.

  1. Fats

Have you been trying to avoid fats in your diet? 20-30% of nutrients from fats are needed for your body on a daily basis. Consider vegetable oils, walnuts, fish and other Omega-3 rich foods that are good for your body and reduce the intake of saturated fats like heavy dairy foods.

Your body does need fats, healthy fats, so maintain a proper balance and you will inevitably be able to fit in your wedding gown. While Vitamins A, D, E and K, all very essential, they can be absorbed only by these healthy fats, so don’t resist them.

  1. Minerals

Sodium, potassium and calcium are 3 essential minerals your body will crave for if not supplied. While Calcium helps in strengthening bones, sodium maintains a proper fluid volume outside the cells, while potassium maintains the level inside it.

Also, when the sodium intake is exceeded, it prevents high blood pressure. Adequate mineral intake is necessary for the body to remain healthy and shun diseases.

  1. Vitamins

Vitamin deficiencies are common to be found in people who have bad and unhealthy food habits. While fruits and vegetables might be undesirable for some, you surely need them to provide your body with the vitamins it needs.

Vitamin C deficiency can make the immune system weak, lack of vitamin A can affect your eye health, likewise, the absence of each vitamin can affect your body in various ways.

  1. Fibres

Fibres play an essential role in preventing constipation, diabetes, reduces cholesterol, etc. It is found only in the produce from plants and not in any meat. Intake of soluble and insoluble fibres are equally important; they act as natural laxatives.

Oats, fruits, vegetables, bread. Cereals, seeds and nuts are examples of foods that can provide your body with fibre. High fibre foods help you feel full for longer, cutting down your habits of overeating; this will serve well when you are on a diet.

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