Never Eat these Foods if You Want to Lose Weight

Never Eat these Foods if You Want to Lose Weight

It takes a lot of sweat and effort for you to lose weight healthily. The first thing will pop out of your head when consider losing weight is cutting down on your daily meal portions. For most people, this is really challenging to eat less than usual.

Alternatively, you can start with taking some simple cardio workouts at home or at the gyms to lose weight. In both cases, it is extremely important that you control your foods intakes every day. You had better take follow these rules strictly if you want to shed some pounds healthily without causing any side effects.

To make sure that you eat right and wisely to lose weight, you need to avoid these types of foods. They can be beneficial to your health in some ways but actually cannot be considered as a good idea when it comes to weight loss.

  1. Multi-Grain Bread

Multi-grain can be tempting to eat, however, it is not really useful for those who want to lose weight. This has high amount of on sodium that directly increases hypertension. Apart from that, most muilti-grain breads are overly processed, making them do not have any nutrients and fiber.

The solution for this is that you can opt for whole grain bread, which is healthier for the losing weight process.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol is regarded as among main factors triggering every health issue, including hindering fat burning process. According to Authority Nutrition, a drinker might consume 200 extra calories per month on average. When your body starts burning process, the first thing it burns will be alcohol without any fat.

Apart from impeding fat burning process, alcohol can trigger a lot of skin problems namely wrinkles, dry skin and so forth. Therefore, for the sake of your health, you had better cut down on or quit smoking for good.

  1. Artificially Sweetened Drinks

If you have been drinking coke or diet soda for your whole life, now it’s time to stop. These carbonated refreshments are known as the main factors enhancing cravings for food. The reason for this is that they are all carbonated.

Instead of taking diet coke or soda on regular basis, if you are struggling to shed some pounds, you had better drink lemon water. They will make it easier for you to feel full so that you can eat less than usual.

  1. Whole Milk

Whole milk has been widely known as wonderful ingredient for skinny people. However, it is a whole different story when it comes to lose weight. The reason is that this nutritious drink has high concentration of fat and cholesterol, which is only beneficial for those who want to gain weight.

Remember to skip whole milk on your daily diet if you want to shed pounds quick.

  1. French Fries and Potato Chips

These foods seem to be unhealthy in every way, especially for those who are on a diet. According to Authority Nutrition, French Fries are high in calories, which might be the main reason for gaining weight.

Apart from these, you might also need to avoid baked roasted potato for the sake of your own health. Eating these foods can also put you at the risk of cancer as they are loaded with acrylamides.

  1. Candy Bars

Giving up on candy bars might strikes sweet-tooth people as a sad news. They have high concentration of sugar, added oils as well as refined flour. Another unhealthy reason is that candies are high in calories and low in nutrients. A normal candy bar is packed with 200  – 300 calories, which will take you months to burning these extra fat after consuming.

Bottom Line: Losing weight is hard in every sense and you need to be highly discipline with yourself the whole process. Whenever you are about to give up working out or have intention to eat those above foods, you had better remind yourself about the consequences first.

Along with that, to fasten the process, you can also consider some home remedies and other healthy foods to eat instead of going for these calories-rich foods at home.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen

Lily is a certified nutritionist from American Society for Nutrition. She has four-year college education in Exercise, Nutrition and Health and currently completing a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at Columbia University in the City of New York. After many years of helping people to improve their health as well as physiques, Lily is now working with a number of professional athletes and celebrities.

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