Meet Labeley – Online Tool for Designing Custom Labels

Meet Labeley - Online Tool for Designing Custom Labels

Labeley is an online tool for creating one-of-a-kind labels and stickers. What started out as a beer label creator is now a refined and versatile tool for creating powerful designs in just a few steps.

Labeley’s database offers a wide range of graphics, colors and fonts, divided into four categories – general, beer, wine and kids, to maximize user experience. Its simplicity of use and smooth interface make it a reliable and handy tool fitted for every occasion.

Who can use Labeley?

A great thing about Labeley is that everyone can use it. There is no need for any previous experience in designing whatsoever. Whether you are starting your own business, planning an event or simply need to organize your household items, Labeley is here to help you out in creating

trademark labels, personalized stickers or other multi-purpose tags.

How does it work?

1. Go to site and click on the green Start Designing button. No signup necessary.

2. Here you will choose among 4 categories: general, beer, wine and kids. If you already own a label design and you are in need of professional printing, proceed with a click on the Print Your Design button where you can get a quote from Labeley experts on the chosen material, label quantity etc.

3. With Labeley, every creation starts by choosing the label shape first. After that, you continue developing your design by browsing through different graphics, backgrounds and borders until you’re completely satisfied with the result.

4. Once your label is finished, make sure to save it so you can come back to it any time (the option of saving labels within the app for later modification is available for registered users). If you are completely satisfied with your design, you can save it and go straight to the checkout.

Here you will need to fill in some fields such as labels’ material and dimensions, as well as the number of labels you want to order before you click on the “calculate price” button and complete your order.

So, that was a brief introduction to the Labeley tool. If its traits and features sound interesting, visit and start exploring it a bit more!

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  1. This must be nice tool. Shall use it. I was searching for something like this.

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