Lessons Business Owners Can Learn From World Renowned Leaders

Lessons Business Owners Can Learn From World Renowned Leaders

If you’re thinking about starting a business, you should look to the company leaders who have come before you. But don’t think about Steve down the road, who opened a mechanic shop five years ago. Think bigger, and look at the most renowned leaders that the world has ever seen.

By looking at these people who reached the top of their respective market, you’ll know exactly who you need to be and what you need to do to find success. That’s why on this post we’re going to look at some of these leaders and the lessons they can teach you. Let’s start off by thinking about everyone’s favorite tech genius.

Lessons From Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs was incredible but, as you will learn if you’ve read his biography, he wasn’t a brilliant technician. As stated in the film based on the biopic, he conducted the orchestra. He was at the head of the company, telling everyone else what needed to be done. Apple was never more successful than when Steve Jobs was at the head of the company. Now that he has passed on, it does seem as though the business has lost its way. So, it makes sense to examine what he brought to this massive corporation.

Well firstly, he brought a name that people could recognize and knew. Even if you weren’t up to date with all the latest announcements from Apple, you knew the name, Steve Jobs. He was a pioneer and a dreamer until his dying day. However, the key point to remember is that people wanted to hear from him. They wanted to know about his announcements and crowds went wild when he was on stage. Why was this?

Arguably, it was because he was very charismatic and incredibly effective at communicating. Communication in business is always going to be important when leading a company. You need to make sure that you can connect with your consumers, your investors and your staff. Steve Jobs may not always have connected with the latter two groups, but he sure knew how to interact with an audience. If you don’t believe us, just check out some old presentations on Youtube. You’ll see what we mean.

Lessons From Walt Disney

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Do people still remember the name, Walt Disney? Of course, they do. His legacy stretches on far beyond his death with theme parks across the world, beloved films, and new franchises. Walt Disney was an incredible leader; he’d have to be, to make some of his dreams come true. You can’t bring the world’s biggest theme park to life without a strong following. Like Steve Jobs, Walt has some excellent lessons that can be passed on to new business owners.

One of the key facts that many people may not understand about Walt Disney is that he wasn’t well liked. In fact, many former workers have made claims that he was a nightmare to work for. He was strict, had exceptionally high standards and never gave them a break. The amount of evidence to support these claims does suggest that they are true. Therefore, the lesson to learn here is that you don’t have to be likable to make your business a success. Although don’t forget that if you do reach a high level of success, history will remember.

A more positive lesson that you can learn from Walt Disney is to always follow your dreams. As he said, you have to “keep moving forward.” Disney did not become a success overnight, and it’s highly unlikely that your business will either. If you want to succeed, you must be determined and push through failures, just as Walt did.

Lessons From Donald Trump

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It’s debatable whether Trump is a great leader or even that successful. Sure, he is now the presidential candidate for the Republican party, and people are still trying to figure out how that happened. One can only assume it is because he is saying what a large number of people in the US are feeling. That said, his support and success on the presidential campaign trail are largely irrelevant. We’re far more interested in the lessons he has to teach as a business man.

Trump is, to an extent, a successful businessman. But in the run-up to his presidential campaign, many former failures have surfaced. A number of his business ventures were ineffective and eventually started to lose money. Trump University is a prime example of this, now being called a scam and a joke. It’s been revealed that Trump cut corners every step of the way when setting up the university. That’s why one of the key lessons to learn from Trump is to not deliver an inferior product. If you deliver an inferior product, you will be hurting your company in the long run. Donald Trump is projected to be worth a lot less than what he claims and many believe.

The second lesson to learn from Mr. Trump is to have confidence in your thoughts and your ideas. Looking at Trump’s success, the level of confidence he has in himself is clear and audiences respond to it.

Lessons From Mark Zuckerberg

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If you’re looking for the prime example of the startup dream, you can’t do much better than Mark Zuckerberg. The guy started his business idea when he was at college and quickly went on to become a massive success. How did he do this?

Well, he figured out what people wanted and sold it to them, and it’s as simple as that. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t decide the course that social media would take in the modern age. He predicted the path it would take and then profited from it. That’s what you need to do if you want your company to be a success. Think about what your target customer wants before they ask for it.

Another lesson to learn from Zuckerberg is that charitable behavior will always be praised. Zuckerberg gained huge attention from the press when he sold his shares in Facebook. Zuckerberg has continued to be a charitable force in the business industry. This has only strengthened the reputation of his company.

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