Essential Steps in Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns

Essential Steps in Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is a very complex industry. It includes research, content and ad creation as well as all further communication between companies and their leads, prospects and customers.

In corporate world, where millions of new companies are being founded on annual basis, marketing campaigns hold a very special place. For this reason we created this short guide that will explain you how to create effective marketing campaign, step by step.

  1. Research and idea generation

Ideas are floating everywhere around us and great marketers are very skillful in noticing them and turning them into a powerful marketing campaigns. Beginners need to start with an elaborate research that will analyze desired market, previous campaign results and company’s main competitors.

Ideas that come to mind should be added to table or board with several columns, which you will use for developing them into topics. For this task you can use a simple excel table or apps like Trello, if you plan to assign different team member for each part of idea generation process.

  1. Goal setting

Each marketing campaign should have its precise, measurable and scalable goals. You should add them to another excel table. Precision is very important when it comes to goal setting, which is why putting „Sales increase“ as a campaign goal is not acceptable.

When determining your goals you need to make them measurable (by adding desired figures) and add some kind of due date, that will enable you to closely track its achievement over time.

Sales increase of 30% in the next three months” would be a good goal formulation. For tracking campaign’s goals you need to use various types of analytic software, depending on which marketing channels you use.

When it comes to digital marketing, most people use some of the following apps: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, HubSpot Marketing Software etc. You can also use tools like Maptive for visual analytics. Using its custom map making tools, you can map out addresses from excel and easily identify new trends and where your customers are.

  1. Building landing page

All ads and promotional material should provide your leads with link or some other kind of contact that will take them deeper into your sales funnel. These landing pages need to be built up and tested, since they are the most important tools for measuring your campaign’s success.

Landing pages should explain products or services you are offering more closely and they should contain calls to action that will turn your leads into prospects and customers. Of course these pages need to be tested and closely followed on Google Analytics or some other app that you use for measuring campaign’s results.

  1. Choosing marketing channels

For delivering your message you can use various different marketing channels. Today, most people decide to promote their brands online, because digital marketing channels are backed by very detailed free analytics. Digital marketing channels include: Facebook Ads platform, AdWords ads, ads on other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, e mail marketing (newsletters) etc.

There are also plenty of other analogue channels including: TV and radio commercials, PR stunts, leaflets and other guerilla marketing tactics etc. Choice of channels mainly depends on your audience’s preferences, behavior and various demographic factors.

  1. Creating ads and commercials

This is probably the most creative and the most fun part of running marketing campaigns. Ads you create need to target specific interests your ideal buyer has and their messages can be presented in various different media forms. This step also requires various tasks that can range from simple text typing to ad filming and directing short video commercials, but also printing of promotional merchandise and creating interesting retail displays.

Good ad can be a simple 140 character Tweet, as well as an expensive video that’s featuring some of the most popular celebrities. Same goes for bad ones. That is why you need to turn your creativity and innovative thinking in this phase, or hire agencies that will create ad content for your campaign.


Marketing campaigns are not specific to branding and product launches. Companies that treat every single promotional activity as a marketing campaign, make their work much more transparent and easy, which is why their marketing strategies are much more effective at the bottom line.

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John Stone

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