How Can A/B Testing Helpful For Your Website

How Can A/B Testing Helpful For Your Website

A/B testing has become a common phenomenon nowadays among online marketers and website owners. Through A/B testing, websites can understand the user behaviour and can optimize websites according to their personalized needs. A number of different elements would be tested in A/B testing. It is an improved technique in which two versions would be measured to find out which of them remains more successful among users.

A/B Test Workflow

A typical A/B testing would be performed as mentioned below.

  • Engaging in discussions and planning about what needs to be tested and the purpose behind the test
  • Alternatives would be created for the control page
  • Run A/B test
  • The winner would be promoted as the next control
  • Continue the process again and again

For most of the businesses across the world, testing and experimentation remains the core of deciding whether a business would be success or failure with the evolving trends.

What needs to be tested?

The question of what to be tested relies on the objectives of your company. For example, if it is about a sign-up; A/B testing would be primarily based on factors that are preventing visitors from signing up. It can be the presence of a lengthier sign-up form or privacy concerns. You will get answers for these questions through A/B testing of appropriate website elements one by one.

Some of the common aspects tested during A/B testing include:

  • The size, colour and wording of the call to action button
  • Headline
  • Product Description
  • Length of the forms
  • Length of field types
  • Layout of website
  • Pricing of products
  • Promotional offers
  • Landing page images
  • Images on product pages
  • Amount of text present on the web page

Popular tools for A/B testing in website

There are a variety of tools to select from when it comes to A/B Testing. Each of the tools is tailored to match varying focuses, feature sets and price points.

Google Website Optimizer – It is a perfect choice for those who wish to get started with basic features. It is a free A/B testing tool introduced by Google. However it lacks advanced features.

Visual Website Optimizer – This A/B testing tool is comprised of advanced features and is also designed for easier use. Advanced features in this tool include WYSIWYG Editor, click maps, visitor segmentation and tag-less integration.

Unbounce – This tool is comprised of landing page creators along with integrated A/B testing.

Other popular tools for A/B testing include A/Bingo, Vanity, Performable and enterprise testing tools such as SiteSpect, Vertster and Webtrends Optimize etc.

Things to remember during A/B testing in Website

  • Understand the maximum duration of a test before concluding the test
  • The same variations should be displayed for repeat visitors
  • Ensure consistency in A/B test across the entire website
  • Do as many A/B tests as possible

Things to avoid during A/B testing in Website

  • Perform A/B testing for both versions simultaneously
  • Do not jump in to early conclusions
  • Include only new visitors during A/B testing rather than regular visitors.

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